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Fariborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statistics        


Anthony D. Rhodes
Research Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Portland State University

Office: NH M324
Email: arhodespdx@gmail.com

Fariborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Newuberger Hall, Room 334
724 SW Harrison Street
Portland OR 97201


Academic Fields of Interest
Computational Mathematics, Statistical Learning/Machine Learning, Numerical Analysis, Artificial Intelligence,
Intellectual History, History of Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Historiography, Fin de Siecle Studies.

Ph.D. Mathematical Sciences, Portland State University. (in progress)
<>Allied Field: Computer Science

G.C.C.I. Graduate Certificate in Computational Intelligence, Portland State University. (in progress)

G.C.A.S. Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, Portland State University.

M.S. Mathematics, Portland State University.
<>Foci: Algebra, Topology, Discrete Mathematics, Analysis.
<>Thesis: "The Algebraic Structure of Cellular Automata."

M.A. History, Philosophy and German Studies, Portland State University.
<>Focus: Modern European Intellectual History
<>Thesis: "Jacob Burckhardt: History and the Greeks in the Modern Context."

B.A. Mathematics, with distinction, UC San Diego.
B.A. History, Minor: Classical Studies, with distinction, UC San Diego.

Recent Work
Research Assistantship in Machine Learning and Visual Situation Recognition (Winter 2015-Present): Abstract
<> This project investigates a novel approach to building computer systems that can recognize visual situations;
the approach explored integrates two previously-studied approaches: brain-inspired neural networks for lower-lever
vision and cognitive-level models of concepts and analogy-making.
<> Project is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
<> Advisor: Melanie Mitchell , Computer Science, Portland State University.

Lectures in Mathematics for Complex Systems Science (Fall 2014-Present):
<> Content/curriculum creation for large-scale courses for http://www.complexityexplorer.org,
a web-based repository of educational materials related to complex systems science.
<>Advisor: Melanie Mitchell, Computer Science, Portland State University.

*Click image to view my lecture series for 'complexity explorer' MOOC*

Statistics Consultation for University Mathematics Placement Scores (Spring 2014):
<> Directed a study to determine the overall efficacy of the undergraduate placement examination process at Portland State University.
<> Advisor: Mara Tableman (Statistics/Mathematics), Portland State University.

Some Papers
<>"The Algebraic Structure of Cellular Automata," pp. 28. PDF
<>"A Statistical Analysis of Undergraduate Mathematics Placement Scores at Portland State University," pp. 19. PDF
<>"Jacob Burckhardt: History and the Greeks in the Modern Context," pp. 119. PDF
<>"The Case Against Computational Theory of Mind: A Refutation of Mathematically-Contigent Weak A.I.," pp. 27. PDF

<>"Cellular Automata, Incompleteness and the Notion of Free Will." Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference,
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, February 2012.

Forthcoming Papers
<>"Cellular Automata, Incompleteness and the Notion of Free Will."
<>"Burckhardt contra Nietzsche."

Listen to my music here: Umberto

Courses I Have Taught Previously
Math 30: Pre-Algebra
Math 60: Algebra/Geometry I
Math 65: Algebra/Geometry II
Math 95: Intermediate Algebra/Geometry
Math 107: Math & Society
Math 111: Pre-Calculus I
Math 112: Pre-Calculus II/Trigonometry
Math 171: Computational Calculus I
Math 172: Computational Calculus II
Math 221: Finite Mathematics
Math 241: Calculus for Business/Economics
Math 243: Statistics/Probability I
Math 244: Statistics II
Math 251: Calculus I
Math 252: Calculus II
Math 253: Calculus III
Math 254: Calculus IV
Math 256: Intro to Differential Equations
Math 261: Intro to Linear Algebra
Math 321: Ordinary Differential Equations
[MOOC]: Matrix Algebra, Graph Theory & Applications to Complex Systems
[MOOC]: Probability, Combinatorics and Statistical Distributions (forthcoming)
[MOOC]: Introduction to Stochastic Processes (forthcoming)

                                                                                                  *Calculus Lecture: Day One