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Handouts & Overheads

Overhead: How SEM Relates to Other Analyses

Overhead: Brief History of SEM

Matrix Operations Examples: SPSS and R

List of SPSS Matrix Commands

List of R Matrix Commands (Phil Ender)

Matrix Regression

Some Matrix Properties

Basics of Path Analysis

Testing Mediation with Regression Analysis

Overhead: Indirect Coefficient Sampling Distribution Figure

Data Set Preparation for Mplus

Path Analysis Example: Mplus, lavaan, Amos

Lab Data Set: NPHS

Latent Variables

One-Factor CFA Example: Mplus, lavaan, and Amos

Principal Components Analysis

A Quick Primer on Exploratory Factor Analysis

Exploratory Factor Analysis Example: SPSS and R

Basic Concepts of Fit

Maximum Likelihood

Summary of LISREL Notation System

Some Clarifications and Recommendations on Fit Indices

Two-Factor CFA Example in Mplus

Nested Models, Model Modifications, and Correlated Errors

Spreadsheet for Computing w and DMc

Illustration of the Effects of Measurement Error: Regression and Mediation Models

Modification Index Examples

Improper Solutions in SEM

Missing Data and Missing Data Estimation in SEM

Missing Data Examples

SEM with Nonnormal Continuous Variables

Examples of Estimates for Nonnormal Data: Mplus and lavaan

Examples of Estimates for Nonnormal Data with Missing Values: Mplus and lavaan

Examples of Chi-square Difference Tests with Nonnormal and Categorical Variables

SEM with Categorical Variables

Examples of Categorical Estimation: Mplus and lavaan

Alternative Estimation Methods

Multigroup Analysis and Moderation with SEM

Moderation and Moderated Mediation Examples: Mplus and lavaan

Invariance Tests in Multigroup SEM

Factorial Invariance Example: Mplus and lavaan

Simple Slopes for Continuous Measured and Latent Variable Interaction

Second-Order Factor Model Example: Mplus

Longitudinal Regression Approaches

The Concept of Change: Difference scores or statistical control? What should I use to predict change over two time points?

Mediation Analysis with Two Waves

Cross-lagged Path Model Example: Mplus and lavaan

Mediation Analysis with Two Waves

Latent Variable Cross-lagged Panel Models

Latent Variable Cross-lagged Panel Model Example: Mplus and lavaan

Mean Structures

Latent Growth Curve Models

Latent Growth Curve Example: Mplus and lavaan

Covariates with Latent Growth Curve Models

Latent Growth Curve with Time-invariant Covariate and Simple Slopes Example: Mplus and lavaan

Second Order Latent Growth Curve Models

Second Order Latent Growth Curve Example: Mplus and lavaan

Summary of Minimum Sample Size Recommendations

Power Analysis for SEM: A Few Basics

Advanced Topics and Further Reading



Dave Kenny A great website with introductory material on most SEM topics. Download a very good introductory book, Correlation and Causality, for free.

SEMNET I encourage you to join and read this SEM discussion list. You can also search the archives for answers to common questions.

Mplus Lots of example programs and a Mplus discussion section.

SEMrefs A list which I have put together of hundreds of references for many SEM topics.

UCLA Statistical Computing Mplus tutorials

Muthen & Muthen Mplus Webinars View videos of SEM lectures anytime.

Bryant and Satorra scaled chi-square difference test worksheet

Yves Rosseelís Lavaan Tutorials