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Handouts & Overheads

Correlation Example

Overhead: Simple Regression Line and Residuals

Excel sheet for computing correlation confidence intervals

Simple Regression Example: SPSS and R

Overhead: Venn diagrams

Third Variable Diagrams

Multiple Regression Example: SPSS and R

Generating 3d Graphs in SPSS and R

Hierarchical Regression Example

Good Example of a Hierarchical Table

Matrix Regression

Partial and Semipartial Correlation Example

Model Building Procedures


ANOVA and Regression Equivalence

ANOVA and Regression Equivalence Example: SPSS and R

Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)

Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) Example: SPSS and R

Creating Indicator Variables for Four Categories: SPSS and R

Regression Assumptions and Diagnostics

Diagnostics Cutoff Summary Table

SPSS Regression Diagnostics Example (with tweaked data)

More Diagnostic Examples in SPSS

Diagnostics Examples in R

Overhead: Diagnostics Figures

Remedies for Assumption Violations and Multicollinearity

Overhead: Transformation Figures

Overhead: Curvilinear Figures

Curvilinear Regression Example: SPSS and R

Simple Slopes

Regression Moderation Examples: SPSS and R

Testing Mediation with Regression Analysis

Testing Mediation with Regression Analysis Examples: SPSS and R

More Complex Mediational Models

Longitudinal Regression Approaches

Longitudinal Regression Examples

The Concept of Change: Difference scores or statistical control? What should I use to predict change over two time points?

2 X 2 Contingency Chi-square

Logistic Regression

Logistic Regression Examples: SPSS and R

Multiple Logistic Regression and Model Fit

Link Functions and the Generalized Linear Model

Regression Models for Ordinal Dependent Variables

Ordinal Logistic and Probit Examples: SPSS and R

Regression Models for Count Data and SPSS and R Examples

Multinomial Regression Models

Multivariate Analysis of Variance

MANOVA Example: SPSS and R

Principal Components Analysis

Principal Components Analysis Example: SPSS and R

Multivariate Analyses

Missing Data and Regression

Multiple Imputation Example with Regression Analysis

Sample size and Power for Regression



Jason's SPSS Macros for Interactions and Simple effects

UCLA's statistical computing annotated regression outputs (SPSS)

David Kenny's site (click on "mediation")

Automatic calculator for calculating significance of indirect effects
(compliments of Preacher & Leonardelli at KU and U of Toronto)

David Gerbing's lessR manual

David Gerbing's lessR site

John Fox's Home Page

Fox's R car package

Oscar Torres-Reyna's Regression with R tutorial

Brief summary of some R regression related functions

Process Macro for Mediation and Moderation Tests (Hayes & Preacher)
Carl Falk's mediation page (with R code links)

Mediation package for R

R for SAS and SPSS Users by Rob Muenchen