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Note: Data sets may be random samples or otherwise randomly altered for additional anonymity. Findings will generally be consistent with those from the actual study data but should not be published or otherwise reported as results from the study. I will only post current quarter data sets.


Structural Equation Modeling


Lab Data

NPHS data random subset: nphs 1994.sav.  See the handout “Lab Data Set: NPHS” for details. Raw data file: nphs 1994.dat. Input for Mplus: nphs 1994.inp.  Lab example files: nphs 1994, path.inp, nphs 1994 path.R, nphs 1994 cfa.inp, nphs 1994 cfa.R.  Longitudinal data: Vigorous activity and health data: vigact.dat, vigact.R, vigact.inp



Second version of aging and control data set: agingcontrol2.dat, agingcontrol2b.sav.  There are no missing values. Variables are tab delimited (use free format):  sleep, effort, getgo, enjoy, hopeful, energy, strenex (in that order).



Third version of aging and control data set: agingcontrol3.dat, Mplus input: agingcontrol3.inp, agingcontrol3.sav, R code: agingcontrol3.R.  ECLS data set: ecls.dat, Mplus input: ecls.inp, ecls.sav, R code: ecls.R.