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Scale (Levels) of Measurement and Choosing the Correct Statistical Test

Probability, Proportions, and the Binomial Distribution

Single-Sample Statistical Tests with a Binary Dependent Variable

Maximum Likelihood Estimation

Analysis of Contingency Tables

Measures of Association for Contingency Tables

Mosaic Plots

Three-Way Contingency Tables

Matched Pairs Analysis

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Interactions with Logistic Regression

Mediation Analysis with Logistic Regression

Diagnostics For Logistic Regression

Longitudinal Modeling with Logistic Regression

Generalized Linear Models

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Multinomial Logistic Regression Models

Multinomial example code snippets: SPSS, R, SAS

Sample Size and Estimation Problems with Logistic Regression

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Item Response Models

Latent Class Analysis



Azen and Walker data and syntax examples (SPSS and SAS)

Alan Agresti Categorical Data Analysis site. All examples from the text in SAS, SPSS, and R.

Laura Thompson R and Splus manual for Agresti 2nd edition.

Michael Friendly Categorical Data Analysis with Graphics and Visualizing Categorical Data Analysis short course handouts. SAS, SPSS and R Examples

Aleksandra Slavkovic online categorical data analysis course at Penn State with R code

Chris Bilder R code for Analysis of Categorical Data with R

Videos and PowerPoints for Karen Nylund latent class analysis with Mplus seminar

Rand autonomous vehicle report