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Jason Newsom's
Stats Notes

Web lectures, notes, and handouts on introductory graduate-level statistics.

1999-2000 Jason T. Newsom

Web Lectures

1/ Basic Concepts

Types of scales & levels of measurement

Sampling distributions

Significance testing

Sample Size

Normal and binomial probability distributions

Examples of Distributions and Descriptive Graphs

2/ Differences Between Groups with Continuous Outcomes: t-tests

Between groups t-test

Example of between groups t-test

Within Subjects/Repeated Measures/Paired t

3/ Differences Between Groups with Continuous Outcomes: ANOVA

ANOVA (comparing two or more group means)

Within-subjects ANOVA

4/ Differences Between Groups with Categorical Outcomes: Chi-square

Chi-square: Goodness of fit and group differences when the dependent variable is dichotomous

5/ Complex Differences Between Groups: Factorial ANOVA and Multi-way Frequency Tables

Interactions and Factorial ANOVA

Graphs of main effects without interactions

Graphs of interactions with and without main effects

More on chi-square

6/ Association Among Variables


Point-biserial correlation, Phi, & Cramer's V

Correlation and Causation

7/ Association and Prediction: Regression

Simple Regression

R2 and tests of significance

Multiple Regression

More on Multiple Regression

8/ Association and Prediction: Logistic

Logistic Regression

Multiple Logistic Regression

9/ Overview

Overview: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Analyses