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Why MLR?

Regression Review

Intercept-Only Model and Random Effects ANOVA

Distinguishing Between Random and Fixed: Variables, Effects, and Coefficients

Raudenbush & Bryk Example Data Set:  High School & Beyond

Early Childhood Longitudinal Study (ECLS)

Creating MDM Files in the HLM Package

Intercept Only Model Example (Random Effects ANOVA): SPSS, R, and HLM

Intraclass Correlation Coefficient

ANCOVA Example (One Level-1 Predictor Assuming Homogeneous Slopes): SPSS, R, and HLM

Random Slopes Example: SPSS, R, and HLM

Hypothetical Examples of Intercept-Slope Correlations

Plotting Within-Group Regression Lines:  SPSS, R, and HLM

Example R2 Computation

Significance Testing in Multilevel Regression

Cross-level Interaction Example (Predicting Random Slopes): SPSS, R, and HLM

Centering in Multilevel Regression

Centering Examples: SPSS and R

Overhead: Reintroduced Means and Compositional Effects

Simple Slope tests of Cross-level Interactions

Multilevel Regression Estimation Methods for Continuous Dependent Variables

Random Effects Likelihood Ratio Test Examples

Excel Sheet for Mixture Distribution LR Test (Chi-bar Test)

Some Model Fit Statistics Printed by Multilevel Procedures

Diagnostics for Multilevel Models

Robust Standard Errors

Mediation with Multilevel Regression

Growth Curve Models

Preparing Data Sets for Growth Curve Analysis

Unconditional Growth Curve Example: SPSS, R, and HLM

Clarification of Notation for Growth Curve Models

Plotting Growth Curves: SPSS, R, and HLM

Growth Curve Example with Time-Invariant Covariate: SPSS, R, and HLM

Growth Curve Example with Time-Varying Covariate: SPSS, R, and HLM

Notes on Error Structures in Multilevel and Growth Curve Models

Overhead: Individually Varying Time Points

Overhead: Nonlinear and Piecewise Growth Curve Figures

Quadratic Growth Curve Example: SPSS, R, and HLM

Logistic Regression

Multilevel Models with Binary and other Noncontinuous Dependent Variables

Estimation Methods for Non-continuous Multilevel Regression

Generalized Multilevel Regression Example for a Binary Outcome

Missing Data in Multilevel Regression

Overhead: Missing data types

Multilevel Multiple Imputation Example: Blimp and R

Sample Size Issues and Power

Further Readings



Snijders & Bosker (2012) book site with data sets and software examples (including Stata, R, & MLwiN)

Paul Bliese's Introduction to Multilevel Regression with R

Hox (first edition) computer examples at UCLA statistical computing site (includes HLM, MLWin, SAS, Stata & R examples)

UCLA site examples for other multilevel texts (see Multilevel Modeling)

UCLA SPSS casestovars and varstocases examples

Singer & Willet's Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis Book

Growth curve examples from the Singer & Willet text (includes SPSS as well as SAS, HLM, MLWin, State, SPlus, Mplus)

HLM 7 Student Version (for the full version and other information, see the HLM main menu at SSI)

HLM Software Rental (rent for 6 months or a year)

HLM Software Examples

Join the multilevel modeling list

A multilevel regression model site at University of Bristol. Information on software, papers, FAQs etc.

Data sets for Joop Hox's text, seond edition (A number of good multilevel resources)

Multilevel regression software: MIXREG, MIXNO, MIXPREG (by Don Hedeker and Robert Gibbons)

Singer's Using SAS Proc Mixed article

Bristol Center for Multilevel Modeling (online learning modules and many useful resources)

Free Copy of Harvey Goldstein's Multilevel Book

Optimal Design Power Software (free)