J. J. P. Veerman

Professor of Mathematics

Fariborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Portland State University

Portland, OR 97201, USA




Papers starting 1985

Papers starting 1995

Papers starting 2005

Research seminar series at Portland State University (2005, 2006, 2010, 2011)

Research seminar series at Rockefeller University (1996, 1997, 2008, 2009)

A language page.

Teaching 2015-2016:

- MTH 311-312: Syllabus and course planner.
             311 Homework Guidelines by B. Lafferriere
                                          Practice 1,   Homework 1
                                          Practice 2,   Homework 2

- MTH 421-422/MTH 521-522: Syllabus.
            421/521 Homeworks: Homework 1
                                                Homework 2

General Announcement for Students:

In most of my classes you will be either strongly encouraged,
or even obliged to turn in your HW in *.pdf format based on LATEX.
Here is a website where LATEX is explained: 

Student Research Projects:

I have many research projects, Most are intended for 501 theses or PhD level projects.
If you are interested in doing a research project in:
Dynamical Systems, Fractal Geometry, Coherent Motion of Flocks, Topology/Geometry,
Discrete Mathematics, and Mathematical Physics, or others, please talk to me.