J. J. P. Veerman

Professor of Mathematics

Affiliate Professor of Physics

Fariborz Maseeh Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Portland State University

Portland, OR 97201, USA




Newspaper (El Pais, Spain) articles August 28, 1988 and March 19, 1989.

Papers starting 1985

Papers starting 1995

Papers starting 2005

Papers starting 2015

Research seminar series at Portland State University (2005, 2006, 2010, 2011)

Research seminar series at Rockefeller University (1996, 1997, 2008, 2009)

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Join us in Italy, Summer 2019:

1) July 3-11, Pescara, Italy: I am co-organizing the 6th Ph.D.  Summer
    School-Conference on ``Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems".
    Please, see here for more information on the school and how to apply.
2) July 1-2
, Pescara, Italy: In collaboration with the summer school and in
    preparation for it, some colleagues from Pescara and I will give a tutorial
    on information flow in directed graphs with some applications.
    See here for information.


I was awarded the (full year) 2019/20 Fulbright-Czech
Distinguished Professorship at the Czech Technical
University in Prague.

The Fulbright Scholar Program is "a program of the United States Department of State
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs."

"The Fulbright Distinguished Chair Awards comprise approximately forty distinguished lecturing,
distinguished research and distinguished lecturing/research awards ranging from three to 12 months.
Fulbright Distinguished Chair Awards are viewed as among the most prestigious appointments in the
Fulbright Scholar Program. Candidates should be eminent scholars and have a significant
publication and teaching record."


Teaching Winter 2019:

IMPORTANT 1: All answers on home works and exams must be justified,  even if  that is not evident from
                              the phrasing of the question. Answers without justification will receive partial credit at best.
IMPORTANT 2: Before turning in exams or HW's, write your first plus last name in the top right corner
                              of each sheet you turn in (even if you staple them together)!

MTH 436/536, Topology

Here you can find the syllabus.
All assignments, home works, and exams are announced in class.

ASSIGNMENTS:     Tues, Apr 09: Armstrong 5.1:1--8; 5.2: 9--14; 5.3: 15, 17--21, 23.
                                 Tues, Apr 16: 5.4: 24--26, 29--31; 5.5: 33--37; 5.6: 40--42, 44--48; 5.7: 49, 50.
                                 Tues, Apr 23: 6.1: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.
                                 Tues, Apr 30: 6.2: 9--11; 6.3: 13--18.
                                 Tues, May 07: 6.4: 20--24; 6.5: 25--27;  6.6: 30, 32--35.
                                 Tues, May 14: 7.1: 1--4; 7.2: 5--8.
                                 Tues, May 21: 7.3: 11--15; 7.4: 17--20.

EXAMS:                   Midterm1:  Tues, Apr 23: Ch 5 Armstrong.
                                 Midterm2:  Tues, May 14: Ch 6 Armstrong.

                           Final: Tues, June 11, 17:30-19:20.


MTH 623, Advanced Differential Equations

Here you can find the syllabus.
All assignments, home works, and exams are announced in class.

ASSIGNMENTS:    These consists of working on projects and give presentations. So far:
                                 Peter: One-sided differentiability of distance functions in Riemannian manifolds.
                                 Logan: One-sided differentiability of distance functions in Riemannian manifolds.
                                 Bronson: Modularity maximization to find communities.
                                 Ewan: M generalized Laplacian. Dynamics of   \dot x = -Mx + c  and \dot p = -pM + c.
                                 Chris: What is the effect of contrary voters in consensus models?
                                 Tess: Contagion.
                                 Robert: Statistical Mechanics of evolving graphs.

                                 Tues, Apr 09: Ewan: Cauchy-Binet, then PV with matrix tree thm.
                                 Tues, Apr 16: Logan: The No Wandering Domains theorem; Peter: Arithmetic Progressions and Multiple Recurrence.
                                 Tues, Apr 23: Tess: Variability and Evolutionary Dynamics. Chris: Eulerian graphs.
                                 Tues, Apr 30: Bronson: Communities by Modularity. Ewan: Chemical Reaction Networks.
                                 Tues, May 07: Robert: Stat Mech applied to graphs. Veerman: Basic thms for digraphs.
                                 Tues, May 14: Ewan: Chemical Reaction Networks. Logan: Differentiability of Distance.
                                 Tues, May 21: Peter: Differentiability of Distance. Chris: Contrary Voters.

EXAMS:                  To be discussed in class.


General Announcement for Students:

In most of my classes you will be either strongly encouraged,
or even obliged to turn in your HW in *.pdf format based on LATEX.
Here is a website where LATEX is explained: 


Student Research Projects:

I have many research projects, Most are intended for 501 theses or PhD level projects.
If you are interested in doing a research project in:
Dynamical Systems, Social and Economic Networks, Coherent Motion of Flocks, Topology/Geometry,
Fractal Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Applications of Graph Theory,
or others, please talk to me.