Papers are informally ordered by topic and chronology.

Transients of Laplacians of Platoons with Asymmetric and Different Laplacians

J. J. P. Veerman, I. Herman, D. Martinec,
Systems & Control Letters, Vol. 91, 2835, May 2016.
(pdf version)

Stability of a Circular System with Multiple Asymmetric Laplacians
I. Herman, D. Martinec, J. J. P. Veerman, M. Sebek,
5th Workshop on Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked Systems, University of Pennsylvania, 2015.
(pdf version)

Dynamics of Locally Coupled Oscillators with Next-Nearest-Neighbor Interaction
J. Herbrych, A. Chazirakis, N. Christakis, J. J. P. Veerman
Accepted, Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems.
(pdf version)

Equators Have At Most Countably Many Singularities With Bounded Total Angle

Pilar Herreros, Mario Ponce, J. J. P. Veerman
Accepted, Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae, 2017.
(pdf version)

A New Method for Multi-Bit and Qudit Transfer Based on Commensurate Waveguide Arrays

J. Petrovic, J. J. P. Veerman,
Accepted, Annals of Physics, 2018.
(pdf version)
and online supplement.

Periodic State Revivals in Commensurate
Waveguide Arrays
J. Petrovic, J. J. P. Veerman,
International Workshop for Advances in Nanophysics and Nanophotonics, Book of Abstracts 21-22, Bucharest, 2015.
(pdf version)

Social Balance and the Bernoulli Equation
J. J. P. Veerman,
Accepted, American Mathematical Monthly, 2018.
(pdf version)

Classification of Minimal Separating Sets in Low Genus Surfaces

J. J. P. Veerman, William Maxwell, Victor Rielly, Austin K. Williams,
Preprint, PSU, 2017.
(pdf version)

Spectra of Certain Large Tridiagonal Matrices

J. J. P. Veerman, D. K. Hammond, P. E. Baldivieso
Accepted, Linear Algebra and Applications, Vol. 158, 123-147, 2018.
(pdf version)

On the Uniformity of (3/2)^n Modulo 1

P. Neeley, D. Taylor-Rodriguez, J. J. P. Veerman, T. Roth,
Preprint, PSU, 2018.
(pdf version)