Virginia L. Butler
Professor of Anthropology

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Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 102)
The study of ancient and prehistoric cultures of the world. Introduction to the theories and techniques of archaeological investigation.
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Sophomore Inquiry: Archaeology (ANTH 299)
This course surveys the varieties of current archaeological approaches to the past, the kinds of questions we ask, and samples some of the most important answers.
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Archaeological Method and Theory (ANTH 350)
A survey of current techniques and conceptual modes applied in the discovery and analysis of archaeological materials. The fundamentals of archaeological research design, field survey, excavation, dating, cultural reconstruction, and the application of interdisciplinary studies.
Recommended prerequisite: ANTH 102.
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North American Prehistory (ANTH 365)
A survey of pre-contact cultures north of Mexico, from the first prehistoric migrant populations and early hunter-gatherers to the complex agricultural societies encountered by 15th and 16th century European explorers.
Recommended prerequisites: ANTH 350.
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Oceania Prehistory (ANTH 368)
Reviews issues related to the peopling of Australia about 40,000 years ago, and subsequent voyaging and colonization of all parts of the South Pacific. Examines prehistoric cultural developments in Hawaii, New Zealand, Easter Island, and island groups in Micronesia. Examines evidence of human modification of island ecosystems.
Recommended prerequisite: ANTH 350.
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Lab Methods in Archaeology (ANTH 452/552)
Techniques and their applications in the analysis of materials recovered from archaeological sites. Course content will vary, emphasizing the study of various artifact types - lithics, ceramics, textiles, etc.
Recommended prerequisite: ANTH 350 plus at least one additional upper division archaeology course.
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Analysis of Faunal Remains (ANTH 455/555)
Reviews issues of recovery, identification, quantification, and interpretations of archaeological faunal remains. Seminar component involves discussion and critical review of recent faunal studies. Laboratory component introduces the students to skeletal anatomy of vertebrates (with a focus on fishes and mammals) and basic procedures used in faunal analysis.
Recommended prerequisite: ANTH 350.
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