Virginia L. Butler
Professor of Anthropology

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Student Research

Current Students:


Mariellen Carter

Examining prehistoric sturgeon remains from the Portland Basin to understand how human use affected local sturgeon populations. This research will provide important demographic information regarding prehistoric sturgeon populations that may shed new light on contemporary fisheries management practices.


Krey Easton

Analyzing historic era (ca. 1876-1918) fauna excavated from the Vancouver, WA Convention Center.
View Reseach Poster, Presented at 59th Northwest Anthropolgical Conference - Seattle

  James Tait Elder  

Daniel Gilmour  
  Alexander Stevenson  
Former Students:
Martin Adams Tracked past climatic and environmental changes in the Willamette Valley using insects extracted from a late-Pleistocene to mid-Holocene (~13,000 - 5,000 B.P.) peat deposit from Hubbard, Oregon.  
Michael Martin Reviewed historic records of 19th century fishing on the lower Columbia River  
Kendal McDonald Archaeological Applications of Magnetometry and Ground Penetrating Radar on Flood Plains of the Pacific Northwest (M.A. Thesis (2002))
Archaeological/Geophysical Services Company: Z-Too Archaeogeophysical Prospection (
Ross Smith Structural Bone Density of Pacific Cod (Gadus macrocephalus) and Halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis): Taphonomic and Archaeological Implications (M.A. Thesis (2008)) - View Full Text pdf (1.5 MB)  
Nicole Stutte The Holocene History of Bison in the Intermountain West: A Synthesis of Archaeological and Paleontological Records from Eastern Oregon (M.A. Thesis (2004)) Download Bison Presentation for K-12 Science Students (IntelISEF Program) (PowerPoint File 1.2MB)