Virginia L. Butler
Professor of Anthropology

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Recommended Links

Archaeological/Geophysical Research:
Z-Too Archaeogeophysical Prospection (
North American Database of Archaeological Geophysics (

Cultural Resource Management and Historic Preservation:
Oregon State Historic Preservation Office (

Professional Organizations:
Society for American Archaeology (
International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) (
Society for Archaeological Sciences ( )
Great Basin Anthropological Association (
Association of Oregon Archaeologists (
Association of Washington Archaeology (
Alaska Consortium of Zooarchaeologists (

Resources for Teachers
Society for American Archaeology - Public Education (
Illustrated Guides to Articulating Animal Skeletons (

Zooarchaeology Information and Reference Collections:
Fish Base (
University of Alberta, Zooarchaeology and Reference Laboratory (
University of Oregon, Zooarchaeology Laboratory (
Zooarchaeology Homepage: Virtual Library of the Archaeology of Animals (