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Handouts & Overheads

The Normal Distribution and z-scores

Overhead: Coffee Grind Distribution

Outlier and Sample Size Illustration

Overhead: Frequency Distributions and Shapes

SPSS and R Examples of Descriptive Statistics of Psychological Measurement Evaluations

Overhead: Effects of Combining Data Sets

Overhead: Sampling Distribution Cutoffs and t-Distribution

Overhead: Independent-Groups t-Test Figures

t-Test Example: Hand Computation, SPSS, and R

Some General and Scientific Writing Suggestions

Correlated Scores t-Test

Levels of Measurement and Choosing the Correct Statistical Test

Single-Group Statistical Tests with a Binary Dependent Variable: Hand Computations, SPSS, and R Examples

2 X 2 Contingency Chi-square: Hand Computations, SPSS, and R Examples

Overhead: Binomial Distribution Figures

Chi-square for Within-subjects: McNemarís Test

Overhead: Scatterplot Examples

Correlation Example: Hand Computations, SPSS, and R

Excel Sheet for Computing Confidence Intervals for r

Overhead: Correlation Limitations

Overhead: Time on Exam Scatterplot

t-Tests, Chi-squares, Phi, Correlations: Itís all the same stuff

Regression Example: Hand Computations, SPSS, and R


Reliability Analysis Example: SPSS and R

Notation and Computation of One-Way ANOVA

ANOVA and Post Hoc Test Example: SPSS and R

Post Hoc Tests

Planned Contrasts with SPSS and R Examples

Hypothetical Eyewitness Factorial Study

Factorial ANOVA Graphs of Hypothetical Outcomes in the Eyewitness Study

Factorial ANOVA Example: SPSS and R

Simple Effects Test Following a Significant Interaction Example: SPSS and R

Simple Effects, Simple Contrasts, and Main Effect Contrasts

Within Subjects Analysis of Variance Example: Hand Computations, SPSS, and R

Some Comments and Definitions Related to the Assumptions of Within-subjects ANOVA

Follow-Up Analyses for Within-Subjects ANOVA

Factorial ANOVA for Mixed Designs

Factorial ANOVA for Mixed Designs Example: SPSS and R

Precautions with Within-Subjects Experimental Designs

Missing Data

Overhead: Pituch & Stevens Listwise Deletion Bias Comparison

Common Ordinal Analyses: Loglinear Models and Measures of Association

OrdinalExamples: SPSS and R

Overhead: 2 X 2 Loglinear and Chi-square Example

Nonparametric Statistics


Replication Crisis and Critiques of Significance Testing: Some Suggested Readings



SPSS Overview at University South Australia

UCLA Statistical Computing Site on using SPSS

UCLA Statistical Computing Site on SPSS Syntax

Statsoft Electronic Textbook

Brief Design Overview

William Trochim's Outstanding Research Methods Knowledge Base

Statistics on the Web Gateway

MacTutor History of Mathematics and Statistics

Interactive Statistical Demonstrations

Installing R on Your Computer

Installing RStudio (install R first)

Quick RStudio Introduction

Central Limit Theorem Demo

Galton Board Illustration Video