Resources for Students in my Courses

Below are some important resources for students taking my courses; others may find these links useful also. Students taking one of my courses should 1) join the course listserv, 2) look at the course-specific help page below, 3) examine the list of files available in the course folder, and 4) browse below for other useful resources. (Please email me to report any links that do not work.)

Other instructors can feel free to use any of my on-line materials and links as they desire.

Help for Students in my Specific Courses:

Course and MPA Listservs:

Instructional Files for my Courses:

MPA Information and Student Forms:

Portland State University Links:

Reading, Writing, Footnoting, Documentation Guides:

Data, Statistics, Statistical Computing:

Computing Skills, Including Spreadheet Skills:

Program Evaluation:

Performance Measurement in Portland and Multnomah County:

Oregon Benchmarks:

Performance Measurement, Other:

Performance Auditing:

Managing Information Resources, E-Government:

Other Links, Government:

Other Links, Academic:

Other Links, Professional:

Other Links, Miscellaneous:

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