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Teaching Page for Dr. Alexander M. Ruzicka

Migmatite in central Washington, U.S.A.
Opportunity rover image of a portion of the El Capitan outcrop on Mars showing hematite concretions ("blueberries"), crystal molds caused by weathering of minerals, and sedimentary laminae. (Base images courtesy NASA.)
Courses at Portland State University:
  • UNST 151-3 Chaos & Community (Freshman Inquiry)
  • UNST 232 Global Environmental Change (Sophomore Inquiry)
  • UNST 421 Geology of the Northern Basin & Range (Senior Capstone)

Image above:
A portion of the "Lion King" panorama obtained by the Opportunity Rover on Sols 58-60, after the rover had done extensive observations of the bedrock outcrop present in the wall of Eagle Crater.  This sedimentary bedrock presented compelling evidence that this portion of Mars (Meridiani Planum) had a water-soaked surface.  (Opportunity Mars Exploration Rover, courtesy NASA.) 

Last Updated: March 9, 2023