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G410 / G510 Frontiers of Planetary Science
Spring 2021 - remote access

A. Ruzicka



Left: image of the protoplanetary disk (proplyd) HL Tauri, roughly 200 AU in diameter and estimated 100 ka old, showing disk dust structure with gaps containing inferred growing planets. Image obtained in millimeter wavelengths by the ALMA telescope [credit: Wikipedia, Atacama Large Millimeter Array]. Right: Artist's portrayal of the early Earth (Proterozoic), with the only sign of life being stromatolite colonies of cyanobacteria (bulbous forms) at the shoreline  [credit: K.M. Towe, NASA].

Course information
  • Owing to Covid-19 restrictions, this course is available as full remote access version using the D2L platform. (From the School Tools PSU webpage, at , choose School Tools > D2L and select G410/510). You will need to be registered for the course, with access provided after a PSU login.  (posted 3/28/2021)


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  •  Iwon't use this feature this term. Scores will be recorded in D2L.


Last Updated: March 28 2021