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Alex Ruzicka is a Professor in the Department of Geology at Portland State University, and the Director of the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory.  Dr. Ruzicka studies the origin and evolution of the solar system and the bodies within it.  His research speciality is the geochemistry, petrology, and cosmochemistry of meteorites.

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Alex Ruzicka
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Telephone   (503) 725-3372
Fax  (503) 725-3025

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Portland State University 
Department of Geology
Cramer Hall 17
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

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Portland State University 
Department of Geology 
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Images above, from left to right:
(1) The icy moon Dione hovers above Saturn's thin but broad rings, which cast immense shadows on the planet. (Cassini orbiter, courtesy NASA.)
(2) Evening twilight on Mars, as captured by a rover. (Spirit Mars Exploration Rover, courtesy NASA.)
(3) Near-Earth asteroid Itokawa, only ~600 x 290 x 260 m across, contains blocks and smooth "ponds" on it's surface. (Hyabusa, courtesy ISAS/JAXA.)
(4) Hazes on Titan obscure and rain hydrocarbon compounds onto the surface of this planet-sized moon around Saturn. (Cassini, courtesy NASA.) 

Last Updated: September 25 2020