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Student Page for Dr. Alexander M. Ruzicka



Image above: Students.  (And one in training.)



Current and recent B.S. & M.S. students


Karla Farley


Karla Farley
B.S. Geology (Honors);
M.S. Geology


Secana Goudy
M.S. Geology
Robert Kostynick Robert Kostynick
B.S. Geology (Honors)
Kimberly Maccini Kimberly Maccini
M.S. Geology
Mike Ream


Michael Ream
M.S. Geology




Student projects and classes



    Chastelle Allegre-- obtained SEM data on Tatahouine diogenite for microbe project, to compare with terrestrial rocks

    Katherine Armstrong-- completed M.S. Thesis on the petrography and geochemistry of large inclusions in ordinary chondrites

    Kyle Bocian-- studied two eucrites

    Ryan Brown-- studied chondrite with shock dike

    Karen Carroll-- completed Honors Thesis on the classification of three new meteorites from Northwest Africa

    Karla Farley-- completed Honors Thesis on the classification of four new meteorites, including a rare winonaite; completed M.S. studies of carbides in ordinary chondrites

    Billy Fish-- studying new meteorites for classification

    Randy Goosen-- obtained SEM data on possibly meteoritic igneous rocks obtained in Africa

    Secana Goudy-- completed M.S. Thesis on accretion temperature of cluster chondrites

    Jazzy Graham-Davis-- studied ureilite and ordinary chondrite breccia

    Sean Greeney-- completed M.S. Thesis on diffusion modelling of chemical exchange between relict forsterite and overgrowth olivine to place constraints on chondrule thermal histories

    Niina Jamsja-- studied unusual impact-melt breccia containing distinctive textures and pentlandite; studied R-chondrites

    Robert Kostynick-- completed Honors Thesis on bleached chondrules in ordinary chondrites

    Thomas Lindsay--  assisted in obtaining chemical data on the Miles (IIE) iron meteorite

    Kimberly Maccini--  studying chromite-plagioclase assemblages in ordinary chondrites

    Nishit Mishra-- studied two eucrites

    Brandon Rapozo-- studying new meteorites for classification

    Michael Ream-- completed M.S. Thesis on thermal histories of ordinary chondrites

    Thomas Schepker-- completed Honors Thesis with development of XRD technique for classifying O chondrites; studied the geochemistry of HED meteorites

    Kristy Schepker (nee Hauver)-- completed M.S. Thesis on metal grains in shock-reheated chondrites to better understand thermal histories; studied large inclusions in ordinary chondrites

    Amy Seufert-- studied two shock-veined chondrites

    Monique Soiseth-- studied two shock-veined chondrites

    Rachel Sweeten-- studying new meteorites for classification

    Doug McCarty, Karen Carroll, Julie Ryan, Robert McGown, Thomas Schepker, Kristy Hauver, Niina Jamsja, Don Miller, Glen Foster, Jim Mueller, Lisa Jackson, Ashley Sladky, Amy Seufert, Peter Buco, Travis Shiprack, Monique Soiseth, Abram Morphew, Alex Narath --  Reading & Conference on various planetary and exoplanetary topics





Image above: Panorama obtained by the Spirit Mars Exploration Rover on Sols 814-932 at the Winter Haven site.  South Promontory is the hill at center.  Dark boulders are vesicular basalt and overlie lighter-colored thin bedrock layers in places.  Two candidate iron meteorites identified by distinctive thermal emission spectra, Zhong Shan and Allan Hills, are labeled. (Courtesy NASA.) 

Last Updated: June 27, 2019