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G407 / G507 Colloquium
Fall 2020

A. Ruzicka

Alex Ruzicka



image from the Curiosity rover
Image obtained Sol 1819 by the Curiosity rover on Mars at Vera Rubin Ridge in Gale Crater, with
brush mark showing hematite-rich rock with white sulfate veins. [credit: NASA].

Course information
  • Syllabus  (posted 9/25/2020, revised 9/28/2020)
  • A D2L shell has been set up for students enrolled in this class. If you are registered, please use this shell to send D2L emails to the instructor, including the one giving your impressions of the colloquia. Grades will be made available on D2L as well. (posted 9/28/2020)
  • Don't forget your last assignment: impressions sent by email to the instructor. This is due Dec. 6 and worth 10% of your grade. D2L emails are preferred.  (posted 11/26/2020)

  • "Origin of chondrules" by Alan Rubin.  In this recording of 1:11:56 length, the talk begins at about 7:40, so you may want to scroll forward to that point-- unless you want to watch the technical problems at the start. (posted 10/9/2020)

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