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Nehalem River 
Watershed Assessment


1.0    Introduction 
2.0    Historical Conditions
3.0    Channel Habitat Types
4.0    Hydrology and Water Use
5.0    Riparian Conditions
6.0    Sediment Sources
7.0    Channel Modifications
8.0    Water Quality
9.0    Fish and Fish Habitat
10.0  Watershed Conditions Summary  



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Watershed assessment is a process for evaluating how well a watershed is working.  The purpose of this assessment was to determine how natural and human-induced changes have impacted the sustainability of salmon populations in the Nehalem River Watershed.  Both historical and current information is included regarding the watershed’s ability to produce clean water and healthy salmon habitat.

The assessment was prepared for the Upper and Lower Nehalem River Watershed Councils.  It will be a baseline for developing and prioritizing potential restoration projects in terms of fish habitat.  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was used for much of the analysis and has been provided to the watershed councils.




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1.0 Introduction .htm  
2.0 Historical Conditions  .htm  
3.0 Channel Habitat Types .htm  
4.0 Hydrology and Water Us .htm  
5.0 Riparian Conditions .htm  
6.0 Sediment Sources .htm  
7.0 Channel Modifications .htm  
8.0 Water Quality .htm  
9.0 Fish and Fish Habitat .htm  
10.0 Watershed Conditions Summary .htm  


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