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This site has a collection of links to various helpful biochemical and molecular biological protocols. Their forums also contain many professionals who are willing to help with lab troubleshooting.


This site has a collection of links to various helpful biochemical and molecular biological protocols.

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This site contains various programs that can be used to view protein structures as well as various protein structure databases.


This site is a database of various journals as well as many genes and proteins.

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This is the home page for the PSU sequencing lab. Sequence retrieval is done through this page.

IDT Tm Calculator

This site can be used to calculate the Tm of oglionucleotides (as well as other analysis).

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February 2010  Congratulations to Vimbai Chikwana, who's paper on the discovery of ArcS was accepted for publication in JBC and selected to be highlighted as a "Paper of the Week." Publication date April 23rd.

June 2009: Congratulations are in order for Vimbai Chikwani, who was awarded an inaugural William Paudler graduate fellowship, Kelly Chaçon, who was named the outstanding graduating senior from the Department of Chemistry, and Arjay Ercolani, who was name Analytical Chemistry Student of the year from the Department of Chemistry.

April 2009: Welcome to Ben Turner, who is joining the lab as a senior scientist. Ben received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Dundee in Scotland, and worked for several years on the characterization of the RNA K-turn with David Lilley before crossing the pond to the states.

March 2009: Congratulations to Xander Taylor for his successful grant application to the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust. Xander is a high school teacher at West Linn High School, and will be supported for 2 summers in the lab through the Partners in Science program beginning summer '09.

March 2009: Congratulations to Kelly Chaçon for her award of a NASA Oregon Space Grant Scholarship.

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