2008 News

November 2008:  Welcome to Christopher Deutsch, who has just joined the lab as a new graduate student. Chris did his undergraduate work as Washington State University in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

September 2008:  Welcome to Arjay Ercolani, a new undergraduate researcher.

March 2008:  Congratulations again to Kelly Chaçon, this time for her receipt of a McNair Fellowship!

January 2008:  Congratulations to Kelly Chaçon for winning a Scholarly and Creative Activities Grant to support her studies of QueF.

2007 News

July 2007:  Congratulations to Shilah Bonnett on her successful Ph.D. dissertation defense! We're fortunate that Shilah will stick around in the lab index.htmluntil the end of the year, when she'll begin a post-doctoral position in Professor Kevin Reynolds lab here at PSU.

June 2007:  Welcome to Kelly Chaçon, Nancy Monson, and Tamsen Polly. Kelly is a new undergraduate researcher, and is also the president of the Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) here at PSU. Nancy is a high-school teacher from Southridge HS (Beaverton) who will spend the next two summers in the lab on a Partners in Science grant from the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust. Tamsen Polly is a high school student from Sherwood HS who will spend the summer in the lab as an intern through the Apprenticeship in Science and Engineering program (ASE) of Saturday Academy.

May 2007:  Congratulations to Steven Van Lanen (Ph.D. '03), who just accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky. Steve is finishing up a very productive post-doc with Professor Ben Shen at the University of Wisconsin and will start his new position at Kentucky in December.

May 2007: Welcome to Nathalie Safraoui, who joins the lab for the summer as an International Visiting Scholar after completing her studies at Université Paris-Sud, in Orsay, France.

May 2007:  Congratulations to Rowaida Al-Eryani on her successful M.S. thesis defense! She's headed to UT Southwestern to work as a research assistant in the lab of Professor Haydn Ball.

May 2007:  Congratulations to Bobby Lee on his successful Ph.D. dissertation defense! He's off to a post-doc in Professor Sunny Zhou's lab at the Barnett Institute at Northeastern University.

March 2007:  The lab was awarded a new grant from NASA!! This project focuses on the potential role of archaeosine in the structural stability of archaeal tRNA.

2006 News

October 2006: QuZyme, LLC is a winner of the NSF-sponsored Lab2Market technology disclosure competition for work to develop the nitrile reductase QueF as an industrial biocatalyst.

October 2006:  Congratulations to Vimbai Masiyanise for passing her comprehensive exams on the first try and a year ahead of schedule!




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