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High School Students

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Todd Link (Ph.D. 1997, Columbia University) was with the lab from 2000 to 2002, and is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas.

Dr. Sylvia Daoud Kinzie (Ph.D. 2006, UCLA) was with the lab from 2006 to 2007 and is currently enjoying motherhood

Graduate Students

Bobby Lee (Ph.D. 2007) is currently a post-doc with Sunny Zhou at the Barnett Institute, Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts.

Shilah Bonnett (Ph.D. 2007) is currently a post-doc with Keven Reynolds here at Portland State University

Steve Van Lanen (Ph.D. 2003) is currently an Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky.

Rowaida al-Eryani (M.S. 2007) is a Lab Technician with Haydn Ball at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

Vesna Persun (M.S. 2005) is currently a Lab Technician in Boise Idaho.

Priya Siva (M.S. 2003) is currently a Research Technician in Sidney Australia.

Michaeal Beardal (M.S. 2001) is currently a Lab Technician at OHSU.

Sylvia Daoud Kinzie (M.S. 2000) went on to obtain her Ph.D. at UCLA in 2006. See above.

Ying Bai (1997 - 1999) is currently a research technician in the lab of Curtis Machida at OHSU.

Tom McComb (1997 - 2000) is currently a research technician in the San Diego area.

Olaf Hoppe (1995 - 1997) is currently residing in Hawaii


Kathryn French (B.S. 2009) is currently working for an international agricultural testing laboratory in Portland.

Undergraduate Students

Kelly Chaçon assisted in the lab 6/07 to 6/09 and is currently a Lab Technician with Ninian Blackburn at OHSU.

Antonio Sarno assisted in the lab 6/06 to 9/07 is currently a doctoral student at University of Ulm, Germany.

Thuy Nguyen assisted in the lab 9/06 to 6/07.

Wayne Seitz assisted in the lab 9/05 to 11/06 and is currently working for Bonneville Power.

Yazan Hadid assisted in the lab 9/04 to 5/05 and is currently a grad student at UC Irvine

Snow Petersen assisted in the lab 6/04 to 6/05 and is currently at Tulane Medical School.

Duong Than assisted in the lab 9/03 to 6/04.

Janice Patterson assisted in the lab 4/03 to 6/04.

Cameron Crymes assisted in the lab 1/03 to 5/03 and is currently a medical student at OHSU.

Milos Babic assisted in the lab 10/02 to 8/03 and is currently a graduate student at University of Arizona.

Kyung-moon Yoo assisted in the lab 9/02 to 3/03.

Ryan Walkup assisted in the lab 8/02 to 1/03.

Banu Ramkrishna assisted in the lab 9/01 to 8/02.

Dustin Nouri assisted in the lab 10/01 to 01/02

Nathan Hibbs assisted in the lab 9/00 to 9/02.

Gudeta Wok-woya assisted in the lab 9/00 to 6/01.

Virginia Scott assisted in the lab 9/99 to 4/00.

Alan Chen was a summer student from Stanford University 6/99 to 9/99 and 6/00 to 9/00.

Alison Madsen was a thesis student from Reed College 9/99 to 5/00.

Peter Do assisted in the lab 9/98 to 5/00.

Reem Jazrawi assisted in the 9/98 to 7/99.

Salwa (Sally) El-hizawi assisted in the lab 7/98 to 7/99.

Beckie Rudzek assisted in the lab9/97 to 6/99.

Sharlene Matthieu assisted in the lab 9/97 to 7/98 and went on to receive her M.D. in 2002 from OHSU. She is currently a pediatrician in Portland.

David Fox assisted in the lab 4/97 to 9/98 and went on to obtain his Ph.D. from the Univ. of Utah in 2005. David is currently a post-doc at Los Alamos National Lab.

Evyenia Lazaris assisted in the lab 10/96 to 6/97

Judy Lacy assisted in the lab 10/96 to 7/97. Judy completed her M.D. at OHSU in 2001, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford Medical School.

Hanearl Roe assisted in the lab 9/96 to 8/98 and is now reputedly a gangster somewhere in S. Korea

Yi-Ming "Jimmy" Huang was a thesis student from Reed College 7/96 to 6/97. Jimmy went on to complete his Ph.D at Stanford University.

Gita Rabbani assisted in the lab 4/96 to 7/96 and went on to receive her M.D. from the Mayo Clinic. She is currently a radiologist in Bellingham, WA.

Joe Hamilton assisted in the lab 1/96 to 6/96.

Bill Milmoe assisted in the lab 10/95 to 3/96.

Eric Wikoff assisted in the lab 7/95 to 3/96

Kevin Hanifan assisted in the lab 9/95 to 12/95.

Mary Beth Mulcahy was a summer student from Colorado College 5/95 to 8/95.

Teyent Gossa assisted in the lab 3/95 to 8/95 and is currently an energy trader with PGE.

Ken Grossman assisted in the lab 2/95 to 7/95 and went on to obtain his MD/PhD from OHSU. Ken is currently at University of Utah

Bernd Thern assisted in the lab 1/95 to 8/95 and went on to receive his Ph.D. at the University of Tubingin, Germany, in 2002 . Bernd is currently a scientist with Roche in Basel, Switzerland.

Steven Seres assisted in the lab 11/94 to 6/95 and is currently a physician in Portland Oregon.

High School Teachers

Nancy Monson (West Linn HS, 07-08)

Kate Cronin (Tigard HS, 05-06)

Michelle Groves (Southridge HS, 03-04)

Jeff Culp (Evergreen HS, 01-02)

Carolyn Popma (Tualatin HS, 99-00)

High School Students

Tamson Polly (Sherwood HS)



February 2010  Congratulations to Vimbai Chikwana, who's paper on the discovery of ArcS was accepted for publication in JBC and selected to be highlighted as a "Paper of the Week." Publication date April 23rd.

June 2009: Congratulations are in order for Vimbai Chikwani, who was awarded an inaugural William Paudler graduate fellowship, Kelly Chaçon, who was named the outstanding graduating senior from the Department of Chemistry, and Arjay Ercolani, who was name Analytical Chemistry Student of the year from the Department of Chemistry.

April 2009: Welcome to Ben Turner, who is joining the lab as a senior scientist. Ben received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Dundee in Scotland, and worked for several years on the characterization of the RNA K-turn with David Lilley before crossing the pond to the states.

March 2009: Congratulations to Xander Taylor for his successful grant application to the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust. Xander is a high school teacher at West Linn High School, and will be supported for 2 summers in the lab through the Partners in Science program beginning summer '09.

March 2009: Congratulations to Kelly Chaçon for her award of a NASA Oregon Space Grant Scholarship.

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