Samuel Moulthrop
  b: 13/Apr/1679 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
  d: 30/Jan/1712(1713) - New Haven Co., CT

Father: Matthew Moulthrop, Jr.
Mother: Hannah Thompson

Spouse: Sarah Barnes
 m: ~1703 - New Haven Co., CT

Child-1: Sarah - b: 24/Feb/1704(1705) - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                         m: Job Smith
          2: Lydia - b: 5/May/1707 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                          d: 1760 - CT
                         m: Eliakim Robinson, Roger Tyler
          3: Hannah - b: 10/Apr/1709 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                            m: Noahdiah Carrington
          4: Phebe

Biographical Details:

Samuel Moulthrop was the son of Matthew, Jr., and Hannah Thompson Moulthrop.  He was born on April 13, 1679, presumably at East Haven, and was his parents' second son having been given this name.  The older Samuel had been born in 1677 and reportedly had died later that same year.  Sadly, this was a common occurrence in the seventeenth century, as was the practice of reusing the same names for children, which would be considered morbid and not acceptable in present society.

According to a list drawn up in 1702 for division of common lands, at that time Samuel was apparently unmarried since his household consisted of only a single person, i.e., one poll.  Concomitantly, his estate was valued at thirty-four pounds.1   Within this context, it is believed that Sarah Barnes and Samuel Moulthrop were married about 1703, but an exact date is not known.  Even so, it can be presumed with confidence that they were married and lived in or near East Haven in New Haven County, Connecticut.  Four daughters have been attributed to them, viz., Sarah, Lydia, Hannah, and Phebe.  They had no sons.  Subsequently, according to Dodd's East-Haven Register, in January, 1707 (1708 N. S.), Samuel and two of his older brothers purchased land from the village to settle a public debt to the church.  Again, on February 25, 1708 (1709 N. S.), a list was made for division of land, which gives the household of Samuel Moulthrop as consisting of four persons and his estate valued at fifty pounds.  Clearly, the four individuals can be identified as Samuel, himself; his wife, Sarah; and two older daughters, Sarah and Lydia.  (His third daughter, Hannah, was not born until the following April.)  As his father and grandfather before him, it is thought that Samuel Moulthrop was a farmer throughout his lifetime.  He died at the relatively young age of thirty-three (although Dodd gave his age as thirty-six).  The cause of his death is not known, however, infectious diseases were common in the colonial period and such a cause is likely.  Indeed, in Dodd's compilation, there appears to have been a significant increase in the number of deaths for the years 1712 and 1713, especially in the months of December through February (including that of Samuel's older brother, John, on February 14th just two weeks after Samuel's own death).  This suggests the possible occurrence of an epidemic (at least locally).  An inventory of the estate of Samuel Mouthrop was made by Allen Ball and Samuel Hotchkiss on March 31, 1713, and was valued at two hundred and seventy-six pounds and thirteen shillings.

Source Notes and Citations:
1a. Stephen Dodd, The East-Haven Register, T. G. Woodward and Co., print., A.H. Maltby, distrib., New Haven, CT, 1824: pgs. 38-9, 44-6, 139, & 164.  (It should be noted that in this work, with few exceptions, the author intentionally treats all years uniformly as beginning on January 1, irrespective of whether the dates are Julian or Gregorian, i.e., he uses the so-called Scottish dating convention.)
      "30th March, 1705, they agreed to lay out a half division of land, according to the list in 1702; ... The following table will show their names, population, and estates in 1702, and the quantity of land divided to each person: ..."
     John Moulthrop 6 (polls, i.e., heads)  £62 18¼ (acres)
     Matthew Moulthrop 6   53 17¼
     Samuel Moulthrop 1   34  5¼

      "In January, 1708, the Village found themselves in debt to their Minister and meeting-house, and in order to cancel those debts, they voted to sell the half-mile (i.e., a parcel of common land). ... the land was valued at one shilling and eight pence per acre.  And proportioned at the rate of 5 acres to the £100 estate, and one acre to the poll.  The land was apportioned as follows, and the money was paid to Caleb Chedsey, Treasurer. ..."
     Serg't J. Moulthrop 18 (acres)
     Mat. Moulthrop 17
     Samuel Moulthrop  5

      "25th Feb. 1709.  Another half division of land was made at the rate of five acres on the £100 estate and one acre on the Poll. ..."
     Samuel Moulthrop 4 (polls, i.e., heads)  £50 00 00  6½ (acres)
     Matthew Moulthrop 8   52 00 00 11
     John Moulthrop 8   71 00 00 10¾

b. "MOULTHROP, ... SAMUEL (of Matthew, jun.) married Sarah Barnes.  They had Sarah, Feb. 24, 1705; Lydia, May 5, 1707, who married Eliakim Robinson; Hannah April 10, 1709; Phebe, Oct. 14, 1711."

c. "1713, Jan. ... 30, Samuel Moulthrop    36 (years old)"
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Additional Citations:

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