Phebe Moulthrop
  b: 15/Oct/1711 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
  d: New Haven Co., CT - bur: Center Church on the Green Churchyard

Father: Samuel Moulthrop
Mother: Sarah Barnes

Spouse: Joseph Perkins, Sr.
 m: 23/Feb/1728(1729) - First Congregational Ch., New Haven, New Haven Co., CT

Child-1: Phoebe - b: 17/Feb/1730(1731) - New Haven Co., CT - d: Wilkes Co., NC
                            m:  Joseph Woodin/Wooding - 10/Jan/1754 - New Haven Co., CT
                            m: Samuel Custis - m: ***** Russell
          2: Joseph - b: 23/Sep/1733 - New Haven Co., CT - d: ~1734
          3: Timothy
          4: Joseph, Jr.
          5: Lydia - bp: 12/Jul/1741 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT
          6: Abial - bp: 1/Jun/1746 - New Haven Co., CT
                          m: Mark Porter - 4/Mar/1771
          7: Tryphena - bp: 6/Nov/1748 - Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT - m: Joshua Hitchcock
          8: Amy - bp: 22/Oct/1752 - New Haven Co., CT - m: Abel Scott - 30/Jan/1776
          9: Miriam - b: ~1754 - New Haven Co., CT - m: ***** Crouch or Couch
        10: Charity - b: ~1756 - New Haven Co., CT - m: ***** Screech

Biographical Details:

Little definite is known regarding the life of Phebe Moulthrop.  She was the youngest daughter of Samuel and Sarah Barnes Moulthrop and was born October 15, 1711, in East Haven Township, New Haven County, Connecticut.  Her father died when she was less than two years old and her mother subsequently remarried.  Phebe Moulthrop married Joseph Perkins in February following her seventeenth birthday.  Ten children have been attributed to them.  It is known that two of their sons, Timothy and Joseph, Jr., and possibly two daughters, Tryphena and Charity, migrated from Connecticut to North Carolina in the 1770's.  Accordingly, some researchers have thought that Joseph, Sr., and Phebe Moulthrop Perkins also went with them.  Although possible, since no probate records have been found in Connecticut for either Joseph or Phebe Perkins, such a migration seems unlikely since they would have been quite advanced in age at that time.
Source Citations:
1. Ancestral File: PT3J-60, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT, continuously updated.

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