Sarah Barnes
  b: 12/Feb/1688(1689) - New Haven Co., CT
  d:  New Haven Co., CT

Father: Thomas Barnes
Mother: Mary Hubbard

Spouse-1: Samuel Moulthrop
 m: ~1703 - New Haven Co., CT

Child-1: Sarah - b: 24/Feb/1704(1705) - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                         m: Job Smith
          2: Lydia - b: 5/May/1707 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                          d: 1760 - CT
                         m: Eliakim Robinson, Roger Tyler
          3: Hannah - b: 10/Apr/1709 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                            m: Noahdiah Carrington
          4: Phebe

Spouse-2: Thomas Wilmot - b: 21/Sep/1679 - New Haven Co., CT
  d: 1752 - New Haven Co., CT
 m: 24/May/1721 - New Haven, New Haven Co., CT

Child-1: Mary - b: 24/Aug/1725 - Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT
                         d: 19/Feb/1803 - New Haven Co., CT
                        m: John Beecher - 1/Feb/1744(1745) - Woodbridge, New Haven Co., CT

Biographical Details:

Although it is certain that Sarah Barnes was the daughter of Thomas Barnes, Jr., authorities differ as to the identity of her mother.  There is good evidence that Thomas was married twice.  His first wife is thought to have been Mary Hubbard, who died before 1690.  Similarly, his second wife is thought to have been Abigail Frost, whom he married in 1689 or 1690.  The situation is further confused because Savage attributed two daughters named Sarah to Thomas Barnes, viz., one born on February 17, 1682, and a second born in 1689.  (In addition, a birth date of February 12, 1688 (1689 N. S.) has been proposed for the second Sarah, but the source of this assertion is not clear and, hence, can be accepted only with reservation.)  Of course, if true this is a clear indication that the older daughter died before the birth of the younger, otherwise, the name would not have been repeated, but Savage attributed both of these daughters to wife, Abigail.  Jacobus affirmed only one daughter, Sarah, stated that her birth occurred in 1681, and identified her mother as Mary.  Likewise, Dodd also affirmed only one Sarah, born in 1689, and did not identify her mother.  Furthermore, it seems certain that Abigail Frost was born in October of 1670 and, thus, would have been too young to have been Thomas Barnes' first wife whom he married in 1675.  What can be made of this?  Although, some family researchers indicate that Thomas Barnes and Abigail Frost were married as early as 1685, she would then have been only fifteen years old, which in Puritan society was generally thought too young for a girl to marry, especially to an older widower.  (Indeed, such a marriage would have probably been considered improper and lecherous.)  Therefore, the marriage of Thomas Barnes and Abigail Frost probably did not occur until 1690 as is commonly thought.  In this case, it would seem likely that Jacobus is correct and that Sarah Barnes was the daughter of Mary Hubbard.  Moreover, in the list of surviving children attached to the appraisal of the estate of Thomas Barnes made when he died in 1712, Sarah's name appeared third, behind her older sister and brother, Mary and Thomas.  Although, this cannot be taken as conclusive proof, it is an indication that she was probably younger than her brother, Thomas, who was born in 1687 and suggests that she was born in 1689.   Therefore, it seems likely that Savage was correct and that there were two daughters both named Sarah, but incorrect in attributing them to Abigail.  Likewise, Jacobus was probably correct in his identification of Sarah Barnes' mother, but attributed the incorrect birth date of the earlier deceased Sarah to the surviving daughter.  Similarly, Dodd, apparently had the correct birth year, but gave little additional information.  It is further tempting to speculate that Mary Hubbard Barnes may have died as a result of Sarah's birth; however there is no substantial evidence of this.  Nevertheless, in previous centuries before recent advancements in medical science, complications associated with childbirth were common causes of mortality for adult women.

Sarah Barnes and Samuel Moulthrop were married about 1703 and subsequently had four daughters.  However, he died about ten years after their marriage.  Sarah Barnes Moulthrop returned an inventory of the estate of her late husband in 1713 and was appointed guardian of their children.1  After settling accounts, the estate was distributed between them.  Sarah remarried to Thomas Wilmot in 1721.  They apparently settled in Woodbridge Township and had one known child.  She survived her second husband and probably died about 1760.2

Source Notes and Citations:
1a. An inventory of the estate of "Samuel Molthrop, late of East Haven, Decd." was made on March 31, 1713, by Allen Ball and Samuel Hotchkiss and returned by "Sarah Moltrop Admex". The valuation of the estate was £276 13/.  A list of "Childrens Names and Ages" was included with inventory, viz., Sarah, age 8; Lydia, age 5; Hannah, age 4; and Phebe, age 1.  (Probate Bk. 4, New Haven Co., CT,  pgs. 147-8.)

b. "Sarah Moltrop Adex. of the Estate of Samuell Moltrop Late of East Haven Deceased is appointed Guardian to the Minor Children of Samuell Moltrop having given Sufficient Bond for a faithfull Discharge of yt trust. The Said Admex. exhibited an accot. of Debts due to the said Estate" amounting to £1 7/ 6d and also "Debts due from the said Estate" amounting to £10 18/ 2d  "also laid aside for bringing up the Children of the said Decd. under 5 years old" £16 and for "Charge of Administration" £3 3/  "ye sd sum added to the Inventory makes" £278 0/ 6d  "the 3 Latter Sums being Deducted from the Inventory Remains for Distribution" £247 19/ 4d ...  "The said Admex. moveing for a Rule of Distribution of the said Estate  It is therefore ordered by this Court that Division be made of the said Estate for the widdow 1/3 in the real Estate dureing life and 1/3 in the personall for Ever and yt the remainder be Equally Divided among the four Daughters of the said Decd. which Rule yields to the widdow" £82 13/ 1 & 1/3d and "to each of the Daughters" £41 6/ 6 & 1/2d "A piece.  Freeholders appointed to Divide the same are Ebenezer Chidley  Joseph Holt and Daniell Collins all of East Haven being sth. Sworne according to Law and Return of their Doings to be made to this Court.  Daniell Collins  Jos Holt Sworne in Court"  (Probate Bk. 4, New Haven Co., CT,  pg. 240.)

c. An exhibit was filed by "Thomas Wilmot in right of his wife Sarah Administratrix of the Estate of Samll Moltrop" correcting the distribution of the estate.  (Probate Bk. 5, New Haven Co., CT,  pg. 397.)
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2a. In 1754 Sarah Barnes Moulthrop Wilmot waived her right to administer the estate of her second husband, Captain Thomas Wilmot.  Consequently, John Beecher (her son-in-law) was appointed administrator.  (Probate Bk. 8, New Haven Co., CT,  pg. 138.)

b. In August 1754, Sarah Wilmot complained to the Probate Court that her widow's third in the estate of her late husband, Captain Thomas Wilmot, had not been laid out as to a twenty acre parcel of land.  The court then appointed Daniel Lymen, John Thomas, and Joseph Beecher to do so.  (Probate Bk. 8, New Haven Co., CT,  pg. 382.)
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Additional Citations:

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