Matthew Moulthrop, Jr.
  b: Jan-Feb/1633(1634) - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England - bp: 24/Feb/1633(1634)
  d: 1/Feb/1690(1691) - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT

Father: Matthew Moulthrop, Sr.
Mother: Jane Nicholl

Spouse: Hannah Thompson
 m: 26/Jun/1662 - New Haven Col.

Child-1: Hannah - b: 2/Nov/1663 - East Haven Twp., Conn. Col.
                            d: 2/Jan/1663(1664) - East Haven Twp., Conn. Col.
          2: Hannah - b: 20/Apr/1665 - East Haven Twp., Conn. Col.
                            d: 3/Feb/1724(1725)
                           m: John Russell - 17 or 19/Aug/1687
          3: John - b: 5/Feb/1666(1667) - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                        d: 14/Feb/1712(1713) - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                       m: Abigail Bradley - 29/Jun/1692 - New Haven Co., CT
          4: Matthew - b: 18/Jul/1670 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                              d: 12/May/1740 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                             m: Mary Brockett ~1692 - New Haven Co., CT
          5: Abigail - b: 18/Jul/1670 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                           d: 1673 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
          6: Lydia - b: 8/Aug/1674 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
          7: Samuel - b: 24/Jun/1677 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                            d: 14/Oct/1677 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
          8: Samuel
          9: Keziah - b: 12/Apr/1682 - East Haven, New Haven Co., CT
                           d: 31/Dec/1757 - CT
                          m: Daniel Barker - 27/Aug/1701

Biographical Details:

Until quite recently, it had not been known with any certainty where or when Matthew Moulthrop, Jr., was born, however, both Savage and Dodd identified him as the son of Matthew Moulthrop, Sr., and his wife, Jane.1  In addition, it was also reported by the same authors that he was fifty-three years old when he died.2  One can only suppose that this assertion was derived from some original manuscript source and, accordingly, would indicate a probable birth year of 1638 for Matthew, Jr., which further implies that he would have been born after his parents immigrated to North America.  Even so, there is an old tradition, also mentioned by Savage, that Matthew, Jr., was born in England.  In support of this, Dodd reports that in May of 1654, Matthew Moulthrop, Jr., assented to the "revised and enlarged Colony Constitution".  Likewise, he took the oath of fidelity to the colony on May 2, 1654.  Clearly, if he had been born in 1638, he would have been only sixteen or seventeen years old at this time.  Since, it has been a longstanding tenet of English common law that an individual attains legal accountability only upon reaching an age of twenty-one years, it seems likely that Matthew Moulthrop, Jr., would have been at least near this age in 1654 and, thus, born in England.  This deduction has been confirmed in work recently published in The American Genealogist by Patricia Law Hatcher, who has discovered an original record in England that affirms his baptism in Wrawby Parish in Lincolnshire on February 24, 1633 (1634 N. S.).

Matthew Moulthrop, Jr., and Hannah Thompson were married on June 26, 1662.  Furthermore, according to information collected in the early twentieth century for the "Barbour Collection" and now preserved in the Connecticut State Library, they were married in the First Congregational Church in New Haven by Mr. Gilbert.3  Apparently, the same year as their marriage, the extended Moulthrop family settled near "Stoney" River (now known as Farm River) in East Haven Township.  As might be expected in these circumstances, Matthew Moulthrop, Jr., was a farmer.  Moreover, the records of the town reveal that he became active in civic affairs of the village.  Accordingly, it has been reported that he was chosen "Constable at ye iron-workes" on November 14, 1670, (a position held previously by his father) and "Constable at ye stony river" on December 28, 1674.  Subsequently, Matthew, Jr., was sent in July 1675 as constable to warn and "looke after" Indians in the town after attacks on outlying villages of the Plymouth colony by the Wampanoag chief Metacomet (known as "King Philip" to the Puritans).  Of course, these events have become known to history as "King Philip's War", which began on June 24, 1675, with an attack on the town of Swansea and lasted about fourteen months.  It is further evident from civil records that in the 1680's Matthew Moulthrop, Jr., became involved in negotiations with the neighboring village of Branford, division of common lands, establishment of a church at East Haven, and other civil matters.  He was reportedly appointed to a land review committee at a town meeting on December 29, 1690, and was listed as a citizen of New Haven (or East Haven) in a colony census of that same year.  Dodd reported that Matthew Moulthrop, Jr., died on February 1, 1690 (1691 N. S.), presumably at East Haven.  Accordingly, an inventory of his estate was taken on June 10, 1691, by Allen Ball and Isaack Bradley.  His burial place is unknown.

Source Notes and Citations:
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      "MOULTHROP, or MOULTROP, JOHN, New Haven, s. of the sec. Matthew, m. 29 June 1692, Abigail Bradley, d. of Joseph, had Abigail, b. 12 Aug. 1693; John, 17 Mar. 1696; Mary, 1698, d. young; Sarah, 1701; Dan, 1 Dec. 1703; Israel, 7 June 1706; Joseph; and Timothy."
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2a. Stephen Dodd, The East-Haven Register, T. G. Woodward and Co., print., A.H. Maltby, distrib., New Haven, CT, 1824: pgs. 11, 31, 33, 60, 61, 137, & 163.  (It should be noted that in this work, with few exceptions, the author intentionally treats all years uniformly as beginning on January 1, irrespective of whether the dates are Julian or Gregorian, i.e., he uses the so-called Scottish dating convention.)
      "On the 7th March, 1644, the colony Constitution was revised and enlarged; and then were added the names of Matthew Rowe and John Tuthill:  And in July following, Alling Ball, Edmund Tooley, Thomas Robinson, sen. and jun., William Holt, Thomas Barnes, and Edward Hitchcock:  And in August, Peter Mallory and Nicolas Augur.  On 4th April, 1654, George Pardee, John Potter, jun.; and in May, Matthew Moulthrop, jun., were added."
      "At a formal meeting of the village, 15th Feb. 1681, it was propounded that we might choose men to treat with Branford about the land in their bounds that was given to us and is now in contention.  After some debate it was ordered and appointed, that John Potter, Samuel Heminway, John Thompson, Nathaniel Hitchcock, Alling Ball, jun. and Matthew Moulthrop, them or any four of them were empowered to treat that matter with our friends at Branford as to land or line, and finish it."
      "17th January, 1681, ... It was also ordered that Matthew Moulthrop, and John Potter doe set out five acres of the land upon the Green, formerly granted, the one half for the Ministry, and one half for the first Minister that shall settle with us, and they are to leave the spring clear, for a watering place for cattle."
      "The 9th May (1682), in behalf of the Village, Samuel Heminway, James Denison, John Potter, Matthew Moulthrop, John Thompson, and Nathaniel Hitchcock, gave a quitclaim to Branford, for lands within their bounds."
      "At a meeting of the Village, 19th March, 1683, it is agreed by vote that in laying out the third division, we will follow the method of New-Haven, ... And under date 26th Nov. 1683, '... John Potter and Matthew Moulthrop were appointed to lay out the lots, and John Thompson and Nathaniel Hitchcock were sizers.'  Matthew Moulthrop and Eliakim Hitchcock, according to appointment, made out the list ... "
      November 1683:  "A Catalogue of the persons, together with the several sums they (this day) promise freely to contribute towards building the minister's house and fencing the home lot ... Mathew Moulthrop will do what he can.  John Potter also. ... The house is to be 36 feet long and two stories high.  And to be set on the side of the Green, west of Matthew Moulthrop's."
      "They therefore took a vote, 29th March, 1684, 'whether they should go forward building up the Village.'  Nineteen men being present, they all voted to proceed.  At this meeting John Thompson, Matthew Moulthrop, and Samuel Heminway were chosen selectmen."

b. "MOULTHROP, ... MATTHEW, JUN. married Hannah Thomson, 1662.  They had Hannah, Jan. 166#; Hannah, April 20, 1665; John, Feb. 5, 1667; Matthew, July 18, 1670; Infant, 1673#; Lydia, Aug. 8, 1674; Samuel, June, 1677#; Samuel, April 13, 1679; Keziah, April 12, 1682."
      "Note.--This mark [#] added to the names, signifies that the persons died young."

c. "1691, Feb. 1, Matthew Moulthrop, jun.    53 (years old)"
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3. "The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records was named for Lucius Barnes Barbour, State Examiner of Public Records from 1911-1934, under whose direction the project was begun.  Barbour had directed the publication of the Bolton and Vernon vital records by the Connecticut Historical Society in 1909.  He hired several individuals to transcribe  the vital records of most other Connecticut towns.  Most well-known was James N. Arnold, who had previously published  the Rhode Island vital records.
      Barbour presented the 'Arnold' transcripts to the Connecticut State Library, where the information was typed onto printed forms.  These form sheets were then cut, producing 12 small slips from each sheet.  The slips for most towns were then alphabetized and the information was typed a second time on large sheets of rag paper, which were bound into a separate volume for each town.  The slips for all towns were then interfiled, forming a statewide alphabetized slip index/abstract of most surviving town vital records to ca. 1850.  Thus, there are two parts of the Barbour Collection: the slip index, and bound volumes for individual towns."  (Connecticut State Library, "Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records",, 2002.)
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