Chemistry ConcepTests

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project sponsored by

The National Science Foundation

Division of Undergraduate Education

Adapt and Adopt Initiative, 1998-2001

adapting and adopting the New Traditions Project
centered at the University of Wisconsin, Madison
in particular the Chemistry ConcepTests
about which a Guidebook has been recently published

Carl C. Wamser, Professor of Chemistry, co-PI (organic chemistry)

Gwendolyn P. Shusterman, Associate Professor of Chemistry, co-PI (general chemistry)

A large collection of Chemistry ConcepTests can be found on the main website at Wisconsin

Organic Chemistry ConcepTests used in class at PSU are collected on the class websites:

Chem 334 (Fall 1999) / / Chem 335 (Winter 2000) / / Chem 336 (Spring 2000)