Chemistry Workshops

for Organic Chemistry

Chapter 9 Workshop Problems

First Term Review - Organize your notes!


Create a flowchart that would allow you to determine whether a given compound is an isomer of another, and if so, what type of isomer.
(Work in pairs, then share the results.)


The four families of compounds studied thus far are the alkanes, alkenes, alkyl halides, and alcohols. Represent them by four circles and write arrows that show reactions that convert a compound from one family to another. Include all other reactions that we have studied; if they don't lead to one of these functional groups, just show them emanating from one of the circles.
(Work in pairs, the share the results.)

Compare and update your notes:

Organize and optimize the class responses to the above exercises; create study sheets that you can take home. Particularly good examples will be put on the web site.

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