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Other Statistics Sites

William Trochim's
Outstanding research methods site

Clay Helberg's
Huge list of professional organizations, software, and websites

Hossein Arsham's
Wonderfully informative site on many statistics-related topics

MacTutor History of Mathematics and Statistics
Brief bios on statisticians such as Gosett, Fisher, Pearson and many, many others. University of St. Andrews, Scotland

SEMNET Listserve

Multilevel Modeling Listserve

Ed Rigdon
Structural equation modeling

Patrick Curran
Structural equation modeling, longitudinal analysis, and latent growth curve analysis

Bengt Muthen
Structural equations and categorical data analysis

Mplus SEM Webinars
Free tutorials on SEM with Mplus

Multilevel Models Project
At the University of Bristol. Information on multilevel regression, online courses, videos, and more

Harvey Goldstein
Links, useful information, download a free multilevel regression text (this is an advanced text)

Joop Hox
Lots of free publications and other useful multilevel model information

HLM Software
Hierarchical linear model software, examples, links, and other useful information

Tom Snijders
Multilevel regression

UCLA ATS Statistical Consulting Group
Extensive computing software examples for nearly every statistical test using SAS, SPSS, Stata and other software.

Scott Eliason
Categorical data analysis and more statistics links

David Kenny
Mediation, regression, causal modeling, psychometrics, MTMM and on and on

Dave Mackinnon
Mediation analysis

Lawrence DeCarlo
Useful macros for computing nonnormality statistics in SPSS and SAS