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Basic Threats to Internal Validity

Overhead: Descriptive Statistics

t-test Example: Hand Computation and SPSS

Within-subjects t-test Example: Hand Computation and SPSS

Overheads: Sampling Distribution and t-distribution

Levels of Measurement and Choosing the Correct Statistical Test

Single-Group Statistical Tests with a Binary Dependent Variable

Some General and Technical Writing Suggestions

2 X 2 Contingency Chi-square

Chi-square for within-subjects: McNemar's test

Overhead: Connection Between Binomial and Normal Distributions

Overhead: Scatterplot of Hypothetical Test Score Data

Overhead: Correlation Problems

Correlation Example: Hand Computation and SPSS

t-Tests, Chi-squares, Phi, Correlations: It's all the same stuff

Reliability Analysis: SPSS Example

One-way ANOVA

ANOVA Example: Hand Computation and SPSS

Post Hoc Tests

Planned Contrasts

Overhead: Artificial Eyewitness Factorial Illustration

Factorial ANOVA Graphs

Factorial ANOVA Example: SPSS

Simple Effects Test Following a Significant Interaction

Simple Effects, Simple Contrasts, and Main Effect Contrasts

Within-Subjects ANOVA Example: Hand Computation and SPSS

Some Comments and Definitions Related to the Assumptions of Within-subjects ANOVA

Factorial ANOVA for Mixed Designs

Mixed Factorial Example: SPSS




Statsoft Electronic Textbook

William Trochim's Outstanding Research Methods Knowledge Base

UCLA Statistical Computing Site on using SPSS

Statistics on the Web Gateway

MacTutor History of Mathematics and Statistics

Interactive Statistical Demonstrations