The Case for Colonialism





  • The Case for Colonialism (New English Review Press, forthcoming)
  • The Last Imperialist: Sir Alan Burns' Epic Defense of the British Empire (Regnery Gateway, 2021): Book website
  • Verteidigung des deutschen Kolonialismus (In Defense of German Colonialism) (Manuscriptum, 2021)
  • In Defense of German Colonialism (Regnery Gateway, 2022): Book website

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The Debate on Colonialism 

Academic Freedom to Conduct Research on Colonialism

The AAUP fatwā for unWoke Research

  1. The AAUP fatwa

  2. AAUP Support for Farhana Sultana's Cancel Campaign

  3. NAS Condemns AAUP Defamation of Professor Bruce Gilley

  4. Wanjiru Njoya on the Soft Bigotry of the AAUP

The PSU "Diversity" Investigation

  • Documents:

The PSU Political Science "Gilley Controversy" Policy 

  • Documents:
  • 1) A secret report is commissioned on Professor Gilley's "controversial writings" and "extramural outrages"

    2) A secret faculty meeting is held to discuss the secret report on Dr. Gilley

    3) The faculty passes new rules to punish and condemn faculty whose research causes "controversy" or "negative reactions"

  • Jay Schalin, "We Need to Talk About Bruce," James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal (October 2020)

Lexington Books' Cancellation of "Problems of Anti-Colonialism" and The Last Imperialist









"I assign your article 'The Case for Colonialism' along with Orwell's 'Shooting an Elephant' in order for my students to discuss the topic of colonialism more widely. My students very much enjoy the opportunity to debate your article and each other. I've never seen a classroom become more alive with ideas and the desire to voice opinions than when they discuss your ideas--especially your 'preposterous idea' at the end of the article." -- Dr. Michael Stachura, Professor of English, Douglas College
"I am an academic in permanent recovery from the savagery and unending petrifying trauma of that most human barbarism- colonialism. Your article gives credence to the theory that defenders of the most treacherous crime against humanity-colonialism, reside and flourish in the academy." -- Dr. Emeka Nwadiora, Associate Professor of Law, Ethics & Human Behavior, Temple University


Sir Alan Burns, Governor of the Gold Coast, with customs service, 1946.