Jane Lothrop
  bp: 29/Sep/1614 - Egerton Par., Co. Kent, England

Father: John Lothropp
Mother: Hannah Howse

Spouse: Samuel Fuller, Sr.
  m: 8/Apr/1635 - Scituate, New Plymouth Col.

Child-1: Hannah
          2: Samuel, Jr. - bp: 11/Feb/1637(1638) - Scituate, New Plymouth Col.
                                   d: ~Nov-Dec/1691 - Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA
                                  m: Anna Fuller - 1657/1658
          3: Elizabeth - b: 1639/1640 - Scituate, New Plymouth Col.
                             m: John or Joseph Taylor
          4: Sarah - bp: 1/Aug/1641 - New Plymouth Col. - d: ~1652
          5: Mary - bp: 16/Jun/1644 - New Plymouth Col.
                          d: 11/Nov/1720 - Norwich, New London Co., CT
                         m:  Joseph Williams - 18/Nov/1674
          6: Thomas - b: 18/May/1650 or 1651 - Barnstable Twp., New Plymouth Col.
          7: Sarah - b: 14/Dec/1654 - Barnstable Twp., New Plymouth Col. - d: 1714
                         m: John Crowe or Crowell - ~1673
          8: John - b: 11/Jan/1655(1656) - Barnstable Twp., New Plymouth Col.
                        d: 23/Mar/1725(1726) - East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT - bur - Old Cove B. Gnd.
                       m: Mehitable Rowley - 1678 - Barnstable Twp., New Plymouth Col.
          9: (unnamed child) - b: 8/Feb/1657(1658) - Barnstable Twp., New Plymouth Col.
                                         d: 23/Feb/1657(1658) - Barnstable Twp., New Plymouth Col.

Biographical Details:

As with most women in the colonial period, very little specific is known of the life of Jane Lothrop.  She was the daughter of Rev. John Lothropp, a prominent Puritan clergyman, and his wife, Hannah.  Baptismal records indicate that she was born in Egerton Parish, County Kent, England in September of 1614.1  Accordingly, she came to New England with her family on the ship "Griffin", which landed at Boston on September 18, 1634.  It has been recorded that Jane Lothrop and Samuel Fuller were married at Scituate by Captain Myles Standish the following April.  The couple moved to Barnstable at some later time, but a precise date remains uncertain.  Likewise, no exact date is known for her death.  Within this context, researchers assert that she was still living in 1658 (she was certainly alive in 1653 at the time of her father's death), but evidently died before her husband.  Therefore, it is likely that Jane Lothrop Fuller died in Barnstable sometime in the 1660's or 1670's.  Her burial place is, of course, also unknown, but it is a reasonable presumption that she was buried in the cemetery on Lothrop's Hill.
Source Notes and Citations:
1. Elijah Baldwin Huntington, A genealogical memoir of the Lo-Lathrop family in this country: embracing the descendants, as far as known, of the Rev. John Lothropp, privately published by Julia M. Huntington, Ridgefield, CT, 1884: pg. 37.
      "JANE, born in England and baptized in her father's church in Egerton, County of Kent, Sept. 29, 1614.  She came with her father to America in 1634, and was married in Scituate, April 8, 1635, 'ye 4th day of the weeke,' by Capt. Miles Standish, of Plymouth, to Samuel Fuller.  This marriage was solemnized at the house of Mr. James Cudworth.  Mr. Fuller was a son of Edward Fuller and his wife Ann, who had come over in the Mayflower with his parents, and who, as Savage informs us, 'outlived alle hardships' of that immigration.  Both the father and mother died the first winter, and Samuel was left in the care of his uncle Samuel, who had also come over in the Mayflower, and who proved to be one of the most valuable members of that primitive community, and memorable as the first physician who came to New England land to settle.  He died Oct. 31, 1683, one of the last survivors of the Mayflower.  They had nine children:"
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Additional Citations:

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