Peter Hendrickson
  b: 1796 - NJ

Father: Matthias Hendrickson
Mother: Mercy Vandeventer

Spouse-1: Sarah Osborn
  m: 10/Dec/1822 - Warren Co., OH

Child: Mariah

Spouse-2: Phoebe ***** - b: 1800/1801 - Old NW Terr. or Indiana Terr.
  d: 12/Feb/1864 - bur: Old Thornton Cem., Boone Co. IN

Child-1: Albert P. - b: 1832/1833 - IN
                              m: Rachel T. Lee - 27/Nov/1855 - Clinton Co., IN
          2: Mary Elizabeth - b: 1836 - IN
                                       m: William B. Rogers - 19/May/1853 - Clinton Co., IN
          3: William F. - b: 1840 - IN

Biographical Details:

Very little definite is known regarding the life of Peter Hendrickson; however, it seems reasonably certain that he was the son of Matthias and Mercy Vandeventer Hendrickson and, thus, was probably born in Monmouth County, New Jersey, about 1796.  Accordingly, he emigrated to Ohio and Indiana as a young adult and presumably settled with his parents and siblings in Lemon Township, Butler County, Ohio.  Civil records affirm that Peter Hendrickson married Sarah Osborn in neighboring Warren County in December of 1822.1  This marriage is also affirmed by Littell and, moreover, seems to have produced only one child, a daughter, Mariah.  Accordingly, it is a reasonable presumption that Sarah Osborn Hendrickson died sometime in the 1820's, but this remains merely speculation.  In any case, the household of Peter Hendrickson appeared in the population schedule of the 1830 US Census for Dearborn County, Indiana.  Geographically, Dearborn County lies immediately to the southwest of Butler County just across the boundary between the states of Indiana and Ohio.  Therefore, it is plausible that this Peter Hendrickson should be identified as a son of Matthias Hendrickson.  Indeed, it has been reported in a later published account that the extended Hendrickson family first settled in this locality immediately after migrating from New Jersey, but, nevertheless, the composition of the household does not accord well with what few details are known regarding the family of Peter Hendrickson and, thus, this identification cannot by any means be considered as certain.  Even so, there is convincing evidence that Peter Hendrickson and his older brother, Abraham, subsequently settled in Clinton County, Indiana.  This is supported by a land patent issued to Peter Hendrickson on November 2, 1831, for a parcel of just over one hundred and twenty-nine acres located about two miles east of the town of Frankfort.2  Moreover, in this patent Peter Hendrickson was said to be "of Butler County, Ohio", which strongly supports his identification as a son of Matthias and Mercy Vandeventer Hendrickson.  In addition, circumstantial evidence indicates that Peter probably married a second time and had at least three additional children.  Furthermore, census records of 1840, 1850, and 1860 indicate that he remained resident in the vicinity of Frankfort for the remainder of his life.  Within this context, although Peter Hendrickson's land patent corresponds to a location in Center Township, census records indicate that the family was resident in Jackson Township, which at present lies south of and  immediately adjacent to Center Township.  This can probably be explained as a result of changes in township boundaries or, alternatively, the family may have actually moved (e.g., "trading farms" among relatives or neighbors was a relatively common practice in pioneer communities).  It would seem that Peter Hendrickson died sometime during the 1860's, presumably in Clinton County, but no date or burial location are as yet known.
Source Notes and Citations:
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    witness present   Squire Osborn   Wm. Whitney"

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2. The United States of America; Certificate No. 14,011;  To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting: Whereas, Peter Hendrickson of Butler County Ohio hath deposited in the General Land Office of the United States, a certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Crawfordsville whereby it appears that full payment has been made by the said Peter Hendrickson according to the provisions of the act of Congress of the 24th of April, 1820, entitled "An act making further provision for the sale of Public Lands," for the South west fractional quarter of Section Seven, in Township twenty one north, of Range one East, in the district of lands subject to sale at Crawfordsville Indiana containing one hundred & twenty nine acres & twenty eight hundredths of an acre according to the official plat of the survey of the said Lands, returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General, which said tract has been purchased by the said Peter Hendrickson;  Now Know Ye, That the United States of America, in consideration of the premises, and in conformity with the several acts of Congress, in such case made and provided, have given and granted, and, by these presents, do give and grant, unto the said Peter Hendrickson and to his heirs, the said tract above described: To Have and to Hold the same, together with all the rights, privileges, immunities and appurtenances, of whatsoever nature thereunto belonging, to the said Peter Hendrickson and to his heirs and assigns forever.  In testimony whereof, I, Andrew Jackson, President of the United States of America, have caused these Letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed.  Given under my hand, at the City of Washington, the second day of November in the Year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty one and of the Independence of the United States the fifty sixth   By The President, Andrew Jackson   signed April 5 1833   By A. J. Donelson  scy   Commissioner of the General Land Office.  (US Land Patent Certificate No. 14011; Washington, DC, issued 2 Nov 1831.)
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Additional Citations:

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