Lab Members
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Graduate Students

Miles Lawson

Brandi Welch



Undergraduate Students

Jessica Szabo






Potential Students Please contact me if you are interested in working in my lab group on topics ranging from molecular evolution, phylogenetics, sexual selection, speciation, to arachnid biology. For application information, see the Biology Department web page.

Former Members

Jason Bazzano (Masters degree) - Sexual selection in jumping spiders.

Erin Brandt (Masters degree) - Fluorescence in spiders.

Kindra Hazen (Masters degree) - Fluorescence in spiders.

Shahan Derkarabetian - Harvestmen phylogenetics and evolution.

Spencer A. Smith (volunteer) - Spider identification and outreach.

Nadine Dupérré (visiting scientist) - Scientific illustrations of spiders; systematics of spiders.

Pierre Paquin (postdoctoral research associate) - Systematics of Cicurina spiders; Evolution and conservation of cave-dwelling arachnids.

Stuart Longhorn (postdoctoral research associate) - Systematics of arachnids using information from mitochondrial genomes: The effects of mutational bias on phylogeny reconstruction.

Jennifer Baron - Spider identification; Jenny Bronson - Spider identification and fluorescence in spiders; Amy Clawser - Systematics of opilionids and molecular evolution of their mitochondrial genomes; Bret Cline - Genetic relationships of Bufo woodhousii from the Pacific Northwest; Anna Coleman-Hulbert - Spider identification and fluorescence in spiders; My-Trinh Do - Fluorophores in spiders; Christie Emmert - Fluorescence in spiders; Jamey Giangarlo - Reproductive behavior of the opilionid Phalangium opilio; Rebecca Giusti - Fluorescence in spiders; Erin Gunderson - Reproductive behavior of the opilionid Phalangium opilio; Michelle Keller - Spider morphometrics; Sarah Martha - Arachnid mitochondrial genomics; Theresa Mau - RNA editing in spiders; Monte Mattsson - Fluorescence in spiders; Andrew McCall - Bioinformatics and arachnid phylogenetics; Sarah Moncrief - Fluorophores in spiders; Brian Morris - Fluorescence in spiders; Matthew Mulhern - Fluorescence in spiders; Katherine Ona - Phylogeography of Spea toads in the desert southwest; Sergey Ovchinnikov - Phylogenomics of arachnids.Sergey is currently a graduate student at the University of Washington; Kori Quatermass - Fluorescence in spiders; Kristina Raum - Fluorescence in spiders; Mihaela Vartop - Phylogeography of the toad Bufo cognatus in the desert southwest; John Wawro - Primers for arachnid mitochondrial genomes; Mark Youngblood - Development of a computer program for tRNA graphics

In the field

 Collecting arachnids in the Columbia Gorge, April 2006  Collecting Habronattus near Mt. Hood