GEOG 410/510: GIS for Marketing (Summer 08)

CRN: 82274/82279, 4 credits

Course Webpage:

Instructor: Geoffrey Duh (

Office: CH 424J Ph: 503-725-3159 Office hours: TR 12:00 – 13:00

Lecture/Lab: June 23 – July 16, Tuesday & Thursday 13:00 – 17:15, CH469


Course Objectives

The workshop is for those who are interested in using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in marketing analysis and applications. Students will learn how to use ESRI’s ArcGIS software and its Community Tapestry data to develop targeted promotional campaign, plan a merchandising strategy, prepare a marketing communication program, conduct a market prospect profiling, select retail sites and manage their market territories, etc. No prior GIS knowledge is required. Students should have basic computer skills and marketing knowledge. Computer lab included.

Text and Readings


Miller, F. L. 2007. GIS Tutorial for Marketing. ESRI Press.

Miller’s is the required textbook and lab book. Students are encouraged to read the ESRI ArcGIS online documents. The documents are available as pdf files in the I:\Students\Data\GIS\ArcGIS Documentation\ArcGIS9.1_documentation\ESRI_Library folder.




The instructor will grade graduate and undergraduate students based on separate distribution curves. The components of a student’s grade are listed in the table below.


Grad & Undergraduates

Lab Assignments


Class Participation


Final Project & Poster




Class Participation (10%)

The course will be held as a computer workshop. Students should browse the assigned readings before class and prepare to actively contribute to class activities. Attendance to this course is mandatory. If you miss more than two class periods then you will be penalized five percent of your final grade per absence. PLEASE DO NOT MISS CLASS. If you are repeatedly late you will be given an absence.


Lab Component (60%)

You will do practical GIS exercises on the computers. If you do not finish the labs during the assigned time periods the lab also has open hours. The practical exercises provide a way to acquire skills using ArcGIS and to apply the course concepts to real data. Lab exercises are due the following Monday before class. All exercises require a significant amount of time to finish. Make sure you pace your lab exercises appropriately to prevent from turning in reports late. Lab data are on the CD that comes with the textbook or can be downloaded from the I drive (I:\Students\Instructors\Geoffrey_Duh\GISMarketing).


Project & Poster (30%)

  • An individual GIS marketing project is required for all students. The project should involve a geo-marketing application. The deliverable is a printed and a digital copy of a poster. Students must submit a one page outline stating the marketing goal and target areas on July 7. Please make appointments with the instructor to discuss your project if you have any questions.

        Oral presentation (20 minutes for each student): Includes the essential information described in the project outline: including data sets used, the analyses performed, and display the maps, graphic, and tabular output derived from the analyses.



Course Schedule








23, 25

   Course Overview (Article)

   Introduction to ArcGIS & ESRI Community Tapestry Data (Ch 1, 2) (Slides)

   Developing a Targeted Promotional Campaign (Ch 3) (Slides)



Jun 30,

Jul 2

   Planning a Merchandising Strategy (Ch 4) (Slides)

   Developing an Integrated Marketing Communication Program (Ch 5) (Slides)

Lab Report 1. (Template)



7, 9

   Prospect Profiling (Ch 6) (Slides)

   Project outline due

   Retail Site Selection (Ch 8) (Slides)

Lab Report 2.




14, 16

   Managing Sales Territories (Ch 9) (Slides)

   Course summary

   Poster presentations (Student Posters)

Poster Guidelines


ESRI Community Tapestry Data pricing information.

ESRI Business Analyst Online

Census Data:

Dasymetric Mapping (Slides):


Network Service Area Delineation: