Chemistry 332 - Winter 1997

Quiz, Chapter 12

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1. (2 points) Write the major form (conjugate acid or conjugate base) that you would expect for the following compounds at pH 7. Write the chemical formula the best you can.

Example: ammonia // Answer: NH4+

a) dimethylamine

b) acetic acid

c) alpha-aminoacetic acid


2. (2 point) Refer to the structure of heroin on page 371 of your textbook. Give its molecular formula and identify the number of stereocenters.


3. (2 points) When pyrrole undergoes electrophilic substitution by bromine, the intermediate has a positive charge delocalized to which positions? (use numbers based on the standard numbering system for pyrrole)

The bromo substituent ends up on which position?


4. (4 points) Describe the sequence of steps you could use to synthesize p-(dimethylamino)azobenzene starting from benzene.

Example: benzene + HNO3/H2SO4 --> nitrobenzene