Chemistry 332 - Winter 1997

Quiz, Chapter 12

The Chapter 12 quiz will be distributed over the class discussion list (e-mail) sometime Thursday, Feb. 13. It must be returned via e-mail no later than Monday, Feb. 17 at 9 am.

Note that you must be a member of the list to receive the quiz. Furthermore, the quiz must be returned via e-mail (from your own account).

If you are not yet a member of the class discussion list, do the following:

get an e-mail account from Shattuck Hall Room 120
(a personal account is also OK - even 2 accounts is OK)

send a message from the e-mail account you intend to use
(don't send the message from Netscape or other web browser)

the message goes to:

leave the subject line blank

the message should say: subscribe CH331-L Your Real Name
(replace "Your Real Name" with your real name)

you should get a confirmation message that you have joined the list

When you get your Quiz 12 over the list, do the following:

work on your own to solve the questions asked

return your answers by e-mail (see the next line)

you will have to manually address your e-mail to
(DO NOT use the "reply" function, as this will send your answers to everyone on the list - 2 points are deducted for this, not to mention the embarassment of having everyone know that you did this)

The quiz will be graded on the usual basis of 10 points maximum.

Lateness and other penalties:

-2 points if mailed in on Monday but after 9 am
-1 point per day after Monday

50% credit for a quiz turned in other than e-mail (i.e., paper)

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Wamser.