Chemistry 331 - Fall 1996

Chemistry 332 - Winter 1997

Learning Resources

Where to Get More Information and Help

Books on Library Reserve

Chemistry Computer Programs

Class Discussion List (ListServer)

Your Study Guide

These are available in the bookstore, bundled with your text.
The Study Guide provides detailed answers to all the problems from the text, an outline of the chapter contents, and a list of the skills you should get from the chapter.

Molecular Model Kits

These are available in the bookstore.
You will also do some work with model kits in your lab class.

Chemistry Department Computer/Tutor Room

Room 253 in Science Building 2 (directly across from the Science Office) is the Chemistry Department Computer/Tutor Room. Open hours are posted outside the room. It is staffed with chemistry graduate students, who can assist you with any questions about organic chemistry (a free tutorial service).

Study Groups

You can be resources to one another!
Studying together is a very effective way of learning new material.

Your Professor

I encourage you to e-mail any questions, either to me ( or to our class list server.
Or come by my office hours (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri from 10:30 - 12 in SB1-327A).

Anything else?

Let me know what works for you. Popular or innovative ideas may be posted here or on our class list server.