Chemistry 331 - Fall 1996

Chemistry 332 - Winter 1997

The CH331-L Discussion List


What's our Class ListServer?

A ListServer distributes e-mail to everyone on the list. Everyone in the class should sign up and will be a member of the List. (see below)

What's the benefit?

Think of the Discussion List as open office hours, always available to drop off questions or comments to me or to your fellow students. Responses from me will typically occur within the same day.

Also I plan to post announcements - like class cancellations because of snow or other sudden changes in the schedule. I will also post interesting issues that come up from various sources - for example, comments from class members that I feel would be useful for everyone to get a chance to hear about.

OK, there's a benefit in your class credit too. I expect to post at least one quiz by e-mail through the Discussion List, with the answers to be returned by e-mail (details later).

Should I send e-mail to Dr. Wamser or to the ListServer?

to Dr. Wamser:

to the List:

If your message is private or could only be of interest to you, send an e-mail to me.

If your message could be of interest to another member of the class, I strongly encourage you to post it to the list. If it is a question for me, I will answer it on the list, and everyone will have the benefit of your message, and my answer. I encourage you to imagine that nearly anything of interest to you as a student in this class probably is of interest to someone else in the class (there are over 100 of us).

Depending on the traffic on the ListServer and the nature of the messages, I may not respond to all messages that appear there. I encourage other class members to contribute answers, even if I was the one asked the question.

Sounds great (or at least necessary)! How do I sign up?

Send an e-mail to the ListServer at

The only message should be:

subscribe CH331-L your real name

For example, when I signed on, I wrote:

subscribe CH331-L Carl C. Wamser

The ListServer will automatically identify your e-mail address based on where you send the message from, so make sure you send the original subscribe message from the address where you want to receive e-mails. If you have any questions, the computer room assistants can help you.