John D. Ramshaw, Ph.D.

Research Professor

 Research Interests


Research Interests

Theoretical Statistical Physics

Dielectric theory and long-range correlations in polar fluids; Kerr electro-optical effect; density and cluster expansions; pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance; critical phenomena; linear and nonlinear response theory; static and dynamical correlations in dense fluids; inhomogeneous fluids; random continuous media; nonequilibrium statistical mechanics; statistical dynamics of non-Hamiltonian systems; nonlinear stochastic processes; entropy and information theory; transport far from equilibrium; the dynamical closure problem.

Theoretical Fluid Dynamics

Low-speed flow; multiphase flow; fluid instabilities (Rayleigh-Taylor, Richtmyer-Meshkov, Kelvin-Helmholtz) and mixing; Brownian motion in flowing multiphase fluids; multicomponent flow with diffusion and chemical reactions; magnetohydrodynamics; diffusion in gases and plasmas; turbulence modeling.

Development and application of physical models, numerical methods, and computer codes for multidimensional fluid dynamics simulations, including incompressible and compressible flow; low-speed flow with variable density; multiphase flow; interface tracking and reconstruction; multicomponent flow with diffusion, chemical reactions, excited-state kinetics, and radiation; combustion; flow with entrained particles; flow with solidification and melting; thermal plasmas.