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Anomalous Quintet

Check out the coolest music site on the web. And don’t hesitate to purchase a copy of the new CD, Quintessence!!!!  Find out about live performances, photos, free music, weird and wonderful links!

The All-Music Guide

Cancel your plans for the next few hours! This site has every musical recording you can imagine, with details on album tracks, musicians, and album reviews. Search by artist, musicians, and related groups.

Lipstick Records

If you don't have an album on this label, keep practicing

The official Steely Dan website

Kick off your high heel sneakers, it's party time

Beer around here

Try number thirteen.  It’s a lucky one!!


Life in the universe of beer

Wayne Krantz, guitarist

Guitar playing, done right


What is the meaning of life? 42, of course. Hitchhike your way across the galaxy.

LOC Catalog

If it was written, it is here

Digital Atomics

The word on digital recording


Share and share alike

The Mame homepage

Still having Pong, Asteroids, or Tempest withdrawls? Now try to get something done!




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