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Kabwe skull

Professor and Chairman Emeritus, Anthropology Department, Portland State University

Welcome to my Home Page. I hope you find it useful. My purpose in offering this Web page is to make information about my courses available to enrolled students. You will find my current course syllabi, class handouts as they are available, and announcements of importance. I've also included a few other "goodies" (email links, Web links useful to students in physical anthropology courses, and a brief resume for students who want to know more about me and my interests).  (For those interested in the picture above, the skull is from Kabwe, Zambia and I'm working in Chris Stringer's laboratory at the Natural History Museum in London.  The Kabwe skull holds special significance for me.  In 1967, I wrote my very first undergraduate paleontology research paper on this skull.  It marked the beginning of my career-long interest in questions of human origins.)

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