Sarah (Sallie) Anna Welch
  b: 3/Mar/1862 - TX
  d: 16/Mar/1924 - Tarkio, Atchison Co., MO - bur: Tarkio Home Cem.

Father: Francis (Frank) M. Welch
Mother: Mary Ella Wheeler

Spouse: Elihu Francisco (Frank) Yale, Sr. - b: 9/Sep/1857 - Gentry Co., MO
  d: 25/Mar/1940 - Atchison Co., MO - bur: Tarkio Home Cem.
 m: 4/Sep/1879 - MO

Child-1: Edna May - b: 24/Dec/1880 - Gentry Co., MO
                                 d: Feb/1974 - Belden, Cedar Co., NE - bur: Belden Cem.
                                m: Eugene Donanito Childers - ~1900
          2: Jessie Mable - b: 21/Nov/1882 - Gentry Co., MO
                                    d: 27/Dec/1904 - Tarkio, Atchison Co., MO - bur: Tarkio Home Cem.
          3: Martha Ella - b: 7/Feb/1885? - Douglas Co., MO
                                  d: 11/Jul/1886 - Douglas Co., MO
          4: Ada Dell - b: 21/Sep/1886 - Douglas Co., MO - nra: 1910
          5: Elihu Francisco (Frank), Jr. - b: 30/Oct/1888 - MO
                                                          d: 10/Jul/1956 - Rock Port, Atchison Co., MO - bur: Tarkio Home Cem.
                                                         m: Bytha C. ***** - ~1912 - div: - ~1928
          6: William Norman - b: 8/Jan/1891 - Douglas Co., MO
                                          d: 20/Nov/1961 - bur: Fort Leavenworth National Cem., Leavenworth Co., KS
                                          m: Wilda ***** - ~1920
          7: George Homer - b: 2/Jan/1893 - Gentry Co., MO
                                       d: 10/Jun/1970 - Quincy, Adams Co., IL - bur: Rock Island National Cem., Rock Island Co., IL
                                      m: Luella B. ***** - 1919/1920
          8: Mamie Pearl - b: 11/May/1895 - Atchison Co., MO
                                    d: 15/Jan/1941 - Atchison Co., MO - bur: Tarkio Home Cem.
          9: Charles Walter - b: 17/Mar/1897 - Atchison Co., MO
                                        d: 29/Jun/1989 - McCook Co., SD
                                       m: Wilma G. ***** - ~1919
        10: James E. - b: 12/Feb/1903 - MO
                               d: Aug/1982 - Clay Co., MO - bur: Center Grove Cem., Atchison Co., MO
                              m: Dayle G. Gearhart - 1929/1930

Biographical Details:

Sarah Anna Welch was the second surviving child of Frank M. and Mary E. Wheeler Welch.  According to census records and family tradition, she was born in Texas in March of 1862, almost certainly in Grayson County.  Accordingly, she moved with her parents and older sister when they returned to the northern states about 1863 and came with her family to Gentry County, Missouri, in 1865.  Subsequently, she married Elihu F. (Frank) Yale in early September of 1879.  (He descended from an old Connecticut family which included Elihu Yale, the famous benefactor for whom Yale University is named.)1,2   It is probable that after their marriage the couple settled on a farm in Gentry County, likely in Huggins Township, but no census or civil records have yet been found to support this.  Within this context, family researchers believe that Frank and Sarah Welch Yale moved with their two oldest daughters to Douglas County, Missouri, perhaps, about 1884 or 1885.  This is a plausible presumption because there is substantial evidence that William M. Wheeler, Sarah's maternal grandfather, along with his second wife, Drucilla, and two step-sons, also migrated to this same locality at about the same time.  Concomitantly, it has been further reported that Frank and Sarah Yale had a third daughter, Martha, born in Douglas County in February of 1886 and a fourth daughter, Ada, born the following September.  Biologically, although just barely possible, this chronology is very unlikely and since the month and year of Ada's birth are affirmed by census records of 1900, it seems more probable that Martha was born in 1885; however, this awaits a definitive confirmation.  In any case, Martha apparently died as a young child.

Geographically, Douglas County is located in the Ozark Plateau region and, as such, includes very lttle high quality agricultural land.  Perhaps, this motivated the Yale family to return north to more fertile territory about 1892 (or even earlier since Frank, Jr., reported that he had been born at Tarkio when he registered for the draft in 1917 and, likewise, his death certificate reported that he had been born at Albany) and, consequently, they settled in Atchison County, Missouri (which is the most northwestern county of the state, adjacent to Nebraska to the west and Iowa to the north).  Indeed, according to the population schedule of the 1900 US Census for Atchison County, Elihu F. and Sarah A. Yale were then resident in rural Benton Township along with eight minor children, viz., Edna M., Jessie M., Ada D., Frank E., William N., George H., Mamie P., and Charles W.  Even so, in 1910 the family was resident in the town of Hamburg, Iowa, and Frank's occupation was indicated as "engineer".  Hamburg is located between a mile and two miles north of the Iowa-Missouri boundary on bluffs above the Missouri River in Fremont County, Iowa (which is the most southwestern county of the state).  Moreover, in the nineteenth century the river bottom provided a convenient corridor for construction of main rail lines between Kansas City and Omaha and, therefore, it would seem probable that Frank Yale was working for a railroad.  Nevertheless, by 1920 the family had moved back to Atchison County and was living on Walnut Street in the town of Tarkio.  Sarah Welch Yale died on March 16, 1924, reportedly of influenza and pneumonia.  It would seem that her husband remained resident in Tarkio for the remainder of his life.  Concomitantly, census records of 1930 indicate that Frank Yale was apparently retired and still living on Walnut Street with an unmarried daughter, Mamie (whose occupation was given as "city tax collector").  Civil records indicate that he and his daughter both died a decade or so later.

Source Notes and Citations:
1. "Elihu Yale was born 5th April 1649 in Boston, Massachusetts.  He was the second son of David Yale, a prosperous Boston Merchant, and his wife Ursula.  The Yale family has a long ancestry in the area (northeastern Wales) stretching back to the 15th century when they settled in Plas yn Ial, Llanarmon yn Ial and adopted the Yale surname.  Their connection with Wrexham began in the late 16th century when Elihu's great grandfather Dr David Yale bought the Plas Grono estate, which is now part of the Erddig estate.
      David Yale's son Thomas married Anne Lloyd, daughter of George Lloyd, Bishop of Chester.  They had four children but Thomas died young in 1619.  Anne then married Theophilus Eaton, a strict Puritan.  To escape persecution Anne and Theophilus Eaton and their stepchildren and others sailed to Boston, Massachusetts.  They bought land from the Indians and called the settlement New Haven.  Theophilus became the first Governor of the Colony and instituted a puritan regime.  His stepson, David Yale found the regime too harsh and moved to Boston in 1641. He became a merchant and his children including Elihu were born there.
      David again found the discrimination against Non-Puritans too harsh and returned to Plas Grono, Wrexham, the family following the next year.  The family did not remain in Wrexham but moved to London and David pursued a career as a merchant.
      Elihu received a classical education but chose to join his father's firm.  Then he entered the service of the East India Company as a clerk.  In the company service he travelled to India in 1671 where he remained for 27 years.  He made a significant contribution to the development of the company.  In 1684 he was appointed Acting Governor of Fort St George and confirmed in the post 3 years later.  Fort St George was important trading post and centre of diplomacy and was a difficult job.  He was replaced as Governor in 1692 by opposing factions.
      In 1680 he married a widow Catherine Hynmer with 4 children.  His wife brought him a fortune.  They had 4 children, 3 daughters and a son who died shortly after birth.  His wife returned to this country in 1689 and that was effectively the end of the marriage.  Elihu returned to this country in 1699.  The last 22 years of his life were spent between Plas Grono and his home in London.  He died in London but was buried in St Giles Churchyard."
      "Yale died on July 8, 1721, and is buried in the churchyard of the parish church of St Giles in Wrexham, Wales. ... He was a benefactor to Yale University, Connecticut and so the University was named after him.  A replica of Wrexham church tower was built on Yale Campus."  Numerous additional sources affirm that in 1718 Cotton Mather, the prominent Congregationalist clergyman, contacted Elihu Yale and asked him for financial help for the school, which had been founded in 1701.  Yale donated nine bales of goods, which were sold for more than £560, a large sum at that time.  (Anonymous, "Elihu Yale",, 2006.)
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2. According to colonial historians and researchers of the Yale family, the four children of Thomas and Anne Lloyd Yale were: David, Ann, Thomas, and Elizabeth, all born in Wales or England during the second decade of the seventeenth century.  These children immigrated to New England with their mother and step-father, Theophilus Eaton, probably in the summer of 1637, first landing at Boston and the next year moving with immediate family and other settlers to the north shore of Long Island Sound to establish a new colony at Quinnipiack, later called New Haven.  The famous benefactor of Yale University was the son of the older son, David, who returned to Boston in 1641 and, subsequently, to England some years later.  However, the younger son, Thomas, apparently remained in New Haven (although he reportedly made a trip to England about 1659 returning to New Haven, perhaps, the following year), married Mary Turner about 1645, and had eight known children.  He died on March 27, 1683.  Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Turner Yale, was born about 1647, married Rebecca Gibbards on December 11, 1667, and died in Wallingford, Connecticut, January 26, 1736.  It is reported that he was one of the founders of the town.  Their son, Theophilus, was born November 13, 1675, married Sarah Street about 1700, and died September 13, 1760.  The oldest of the seven known children of Theophilus and Sarah Street Yale was Elihu, born May 25, 1703, who married first Mary Ives and second Judith Howe.  Of course, in the period before the French and Indian War, there was considerable conflict between England and France over colonial matters.  As a consequence, Elihu Yale was killed (or died) December 31, 1745, on Cape Breton Island during "King George's War", which included among other events, the siege and capture of the great fortress of Louisburg.  His youngest son, Elisha, born August 29, 1742, subsequently married Rebecca North about 1761, and was the father of at least six children.  Elisha Yale apparently lived to be more than eighty years of age and died on April 1, 1825, in Canaan, Connecticut.  The second son of Elisha and Rebecca North Yale was, again, named Elihu and was born April 10, 1767.  He may have been an innkeeper and also reportedly lived to old age, dying April 9, 1854, also in Canaan, Connecticut.  Moreover, this younger Elihu Yale married Polly Bailey and their oldest son, Stephen Porter Yale, was born about 1791.  He reportedly served in the War of 1812 and married Chloe Whitney on November 30, 1815.  They had ten known children. (Within this context, researchers have commonly reported the birth date of Stephen Porter Yale as April 22, 1781; however, this is contradicted by census records of 1850 in which his age was given as fifty-nine and, moreover, does not chronologically accord well with birth dates of his father and mother in 1767 and 1768, respectively.)
      It would seem that it was Stephen Porter Yale who decided to leave New England for western lands, reportedly moving from South Canaan, Connecticut, to Chautauqua County, New York, in June of 1827 and then later to Daviess County, Missouri.  He died in neighboring Gentry County in 1856.  Their son, Elihu Bailey Yale, was born April 1, 1827, in Connecticut and about 1852, probably in Missouri, he married Martha Jane Handy, who had been born in Illinois on March 20, 1837.  They were the parents of seven known children, viz., Stephen Burke, Elihu Francisco, John Truesdale, William Rice, Andrew J., Ida, and Addie Emma.  Elihu Bailey Yale died September 15, 1901, in Gentry County.  His wife, Martha, preceded him on January 8, 1898.  (unpublished notes)
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