Thomas Runyon
  b: ~1673 - Elizabethtown, New Jersey Prov.
  d: Mar-Apr/1753 - Hopewell Twp., Hunterdon, Co., NJ

Father: Vincent Rongnion
Mother: Ann Boutcher

Spouse: Martha Dunn
 m: 1698/1699

Child-1: Catherine - b: ~1700 - Hopewell Twp., Burlington Co., West Jersey Prov.
                               d:  ~1768 - Maidenhead Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ
                               m: Cornelius Anderson
          2: Vincent
          3: Thomas, Jr.- b: ~1702 - Hopewell Twp., Burlington Co., West Jersey Prov.
                                  d: 1770 - NJ
                                 m: Elizabeth Woolverton
          4: Joseph
          5: Martha
          6: Anne - b: ~1707 - NJ
          7: Aaron - b: ~1708 - Hopewell Twp., Burlington Co., NJ
                          d: ~1791 - Hopewell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ
                         m: Sarah Stout
          8: Ephraim - b: ~1710 - NJ
                             d: 1772 - Hopewell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ
                            m: Sarah Houghton
          9: John - b: ~1708 - Hopewell Twp., Burlington Co., NJ
        10: Samuel
        11: Benjamin - b: ~1717 - NJ
                              d: 1749
        12: Elizabeth - b: ~1719 - NJ
                             m: Josiah Furman
        13: Reuben - b: ~1721 - NJ
                            m: Mary Gordon - 24/Dec/1767

Biographical Details:

Thomas Runyon was a son of Vincent Rongnion (Runyon), the Huguenot immigrant, and was born about 1673 in the Province of New Jersey, which the English had taken from the Dutch in 1664 as a part of New Netherland.1  (Nevertheless, the Dutch temporarily recovered New Netherland, including New Jersey, in 1673 until on February 9, 1673 (1674 N. S.) under the Treaty of Westminster, all Dutch territory in North America was permanently ceded to the English.)  It is reasonably certain that Thomas Runyon married Martha Dunn about 1698, probably in Piscataway, Middlesex County, East Jersey Province.  Even so, on March 18, 1698 (1699 N. S.), Thomas and his brother, John, with a number of others, signed a deed to provide for a church, cemetery, and school in Maidenhead and Hopewell Townships in Burlington County in the West Jersey Province.2  Indeed, by 1700 Thomas and Martha Runyon had evidently moved to Hopewell Township and on March 12, 1712 (1713 N. S.), they reportedly purchased one hundred and fifty acres of land from Daniel Coxe for fifty pounds.  This parcel lay along Titus Mill Road just below the village of Hopewell and was described in the deed as being next to William Hixson, by Stoney Brook, and next to Captain Hunt.  The deed was witnessed by J. Basse, Edward Kemp, and Alex Lockhart.  Subsequently, at a town meeting for Hopewell Township held on March 11, 1728 (1729 N. S.), Thomas Rugnion (Runyon) was elected as one of the overseers of Rodgers Road.  Likewise, on October 31, 1732, a town meeting was held at the house of Thomas Runion (Runyon) at which it was decided to levy sixteen pounds for relief of the poor and to direct Thomas Reed and Joseph Reeder to erect a public pound during the following month of November.  Concomitantly, on March 4, 1732 (1733 N. S.), Thomas Runyon was listed as one of the debtors to the estate of John Severns.  Moreover, it is known that Thomas and Martha Runyon were members of the Old School Baptist Church both having joined by 1730.  Thomas made his will on October 30, 1738; however, the will was not proved until April 16, 1753, which suggests that he survived until that year.3,4
Source Notes and Citations:
1a. Orra Eugene Monnette, First Settlers of ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodbridge, olde East New Jersey, 1664-1714, a period of fifty years, The Leroy Carman Press, Los Angeles, CA, 1930-35: Part 4, pg. 626.
     "VIII. THOMAS, b. 1673 or 1678, first entered in the land records, as "Tho; Runion," 1698-9, (ARCHIVES, Vol. XXI, p. 518), with his brother, John Runyon.  He m. Martha Dunn, b. July 13, 1681, d. after 1738, daughter of Hugh Dunn and Elizabeth Drake, (supra).  Lived in Hunterdon Co., N.J."

b. ibid: pg. 628.
     "THOMAS RUNYON, (of VINCENT), (Hopewell branch), b. 1673 or 1678, assisted in inventory of JONATHAN Stout of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., 1722-3,  (ARCH., Vol. post p. indic.).  Under date of 1728.  MARTHA RUNYON, wife of THOMAS RUNYON, clearly appears as a church member.  He had m. ca. 1700, MARTHA DUNN (daughter of HUGH DUNN and ELIZABETH DRAKE), b. July 13, 1681.  He left Pisc., as early as 1708, if not 1705.  'Oct. 31, 1722. At a town meeting at the house of THOMAS RUNYON;' 1728-9, an overseer of 'Rogers Road'; joined church in Hopewell bef. 1730, and was likely dec. by 1749, as likewise, his wife, MARTHA RUNYON.  His sons, VINCENT RUNYON, and THOMAS RUNYON, were listed with him as taxpayers, in 1722.  He d. bef. 1753 leaving will, dated 1738, Oct 30, proved April 16, 1753,  (ARCH., Vol XXXIII, p 277), naming, as of 'Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.', wife Martha, and two sons, 'Vinson' and 'Thomas'; indicating other children."
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2. Howard Eugene Bonham and Jean Allin, Bonham and Related Family Lines, Bonham Book(s), 5104 Bridlington Ln., Raleigh, NC, 27612, printed by Genie Plus, Bradenton, FL, 1996: pgs. 551-5.
     "Ralph Ege in Pioneers of Old Hopewell, p. 22, stated 'Thomas Runyan, doubtless a son of Vincent, of Piscataway Township, Middlesex Co., NJ, purchased in 1708, the farm on which Enoch A. Titus now resides, on the west side of Stony Brook, two miles south of our borough, where he lived many years and reared a family among whom were Vincent, Aaron, Ephraim and others.'
     1698-9, March 18.  According to John Hall D. D. in History of the Presbyterian Church of Trenton, NJ, 1712-1912, pp. 14, 15:"
     'The first authentic notice of any effort on the part of the inhabitants of the two townships [Hopewell and Maidenhead] to provide a permanent place of worship is found in a deed dated March 18, 1698-9.  In that instrument, Jeremiah Basse, Governor of East and West Jersey, and Thomas Revell, 'Agents for the Honorable West Jersey Society in England,' conveyed one hundred acres for the accomodation and service of the inhabitants of the township of Maidenhead within the liberties or precincts of said county of Burlington and the inhabitants or near adjacent being purchasers of the said society's lands there, for the erecting of a meeting-house, and for burying ground and school-house, and land suitable for the same....'"  Thomas Runyon are listed as adjacent signers of this document.
     "1722, October 31.  At a town meeting held at the house of Thomas Runion it was agreed upon by the Inhabitants of the Township of Hopewell that the sum of sixteen pounds new currency shall be Levied upon the Said Inhabitants for the Relief of the poor.  Likewise at the said time and place by Said Inhabitants it was concluded that a public pound be erected by Thomas Reed and Joseph Reeder at their own proper carge Sufficient for the use of the Said Town to be finished within a month after this day And the erectors to have profit therof Chosen then by Said Inhabitants ___William Cornwell and Samuel Hunt to be fence viewers.  [The Town Records of Hopewell, NJ, p. 10.]
     1728-9, March 11.  Att the Town meeting ye 11 of March 1728-9 ... overseers of Rodgers Road: Thomas Rugnion was elected among others.  [The Town Records of Hopewell, NJ, p. 13.]
     1730.  Old School Baptist Church, p. 128.  'By 1730 the following persons had been added by baptism to the membership.'  Thomas Runyon was on that list.  Martha Runyon joined the church prior to 1728.  [The Town Records of Hopewell, NJ, p. 128.]
NOTE:  The church records of Old School Baptist Church report that both Thomas and Martha are deceased by 1749, however, we believe that is in error.  We know that Thomas made his will 30 Oct 1749, but it was not executed until 16 Apr 1753 - 15 years later - wherein he names his wife Martha as executor with sons, Vinson [Vincent] and Thomas, [Jr.]."  Actually, this only proves that Martha Runyon was alive.
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3. "In The name of God Amen.
      The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Runyon of Hopewell in the County of Hunterdon and Province of West Jersey.
      Being in Perfect Health and memory at the time of the making hereof Blessed be God for it But calling to mind the Mortality of man do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following  (?....)
      First I give and Bequeath my Soul to God that gave it and my Body to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named.
      And as touching my temporal estate where with it have pleased God to bless me with all I give and bequeath in manner and form following:
      First it is my will and mind that all my just Debts and funeral charges be paid and (..........?) out of my (......?) all Estate and after such payments be nade the One-half of what remains of my moveable Estate I give and bequeath to Martha Runyon my Good and Loving Wife in and or for her maintenance during the time of her life and whole Benefit of the plantation during the time of her widowhood but if she see cause to marry that then she shall have no further hold in my possession but remove forthwith.
      And as touching my Land wherewith I now possessed will in my life time it is my will and mind that my wife should have the liberty to sell the plantation as she sees cause and divide it equally amongst our children only wife to have twelve shillings more than the rest or to stay upon it during her widowhood which she sees cause.
      And one-half of my moveable estate.  It is my will and mind should be equally divided amongst my children.
      And lastly I do appoint my true and loving wife and my two elder sons Vinson and Thomas Runyan to be the Executors of this my last will and testament and no other.  Ratifying and confirming this to be my last will and testament and no other,  In Witness hereunto I have set my hand and my seal the thirtieth day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight-----------1738.
     /s/Thomas hisXmark Runyon        Witnesses:  /s/Josiah Furman   /s/Elizabeth herXmark Furman   /s/Roger Woolverton

      Josiah Furman and Elizabeth Furman two of the witnesses of the within Will being sworn on the Holy ...... of Almighty God did severally depose that the said Thomas Runyon the testator within named sign and seal the same and heard him publicly pronounce and declare the within imprissis to be his last will & testament and that as the doing thereof the said testator was of sound and dispossing mind & memory as far as the said deponents know and as they verily believe and that Roger Woolverton the other subscribing witness was present and signed his name as Witness to the said will together with the said deponents in the presence of the said Testator.
      Sworn April 16th 1753    /s/Josiah Furman   /s/Elizabeth herXmark Furman

      Martha Runyon, Vinson Runyon & Thomas Runyon, Executors in this will and testament named being sworn on the Holy Bible of Almighty God did depose that the within Instriment contains the last Will and Testament of Thomas Runyon the testator therein named so far as they know and as they verily believe and that they will and truly perform the same by paying first the Debts of the said deceased and then Legacies the said Testator specified ...."
      /s/Thomas Runyon  /s/Vincent Runyon    /s/Martha herXmark Runyon

      "Final disbursements by the Executors were made to the Legatees and debts paid as follows:
 Surrogate (?)     paid by cash   2 pounds  10 shillings   0 pence
   Jos. Reed,       "   "   "   1   "  10    "   6   "
   Jonah Beaks,     "   "   "   1   "  18    "   0   "
   Josiah Ellis,    "   "   "   0   "   7    "   0   "
   Ralph Hart,      "   "   "   0   "  12    "   0   "
   John Parker,     "   "   "   0   "   5    "    2   "
   Jos. Runion,     "   "   "   1   "   0    "   0   "
   Henry Wolsey,    "   "   "   0   "  18    "   2   "
   Timothy Smith,   "   "   "   0   "   7    "   6   "
   Wilson Hunt,     "   "   "   0   "   7    "   6   "
   Expenses at Trenton, pd. cash   0   "   5    "  10   "
   Thomas Runyan, paid by cash   0   "  12    "   0   "
   Edw'd Borrows,   "   "   "   0   "  10    "   0   "
   Aron Runion,     "   "   "  27   "  17    "  07   "
   Corn. Anderson,  "   "   "  27   "  17    "  07   "
    "       "       "   "   "   6   "  18    "   2   "
   Ephraim Runyan,  "   "   "  27   "  17    "  07   "
   Hezekian Bonham, "   "   "  27   "  17    "  07   "
   Jos. Runyan,     "   "   "  27   "  17    "  07   "
   Martha Runyan,   "   "   " 194   "  19    "  03   "
   Tho's Runyan,    "   "   "  27   "  17    "  07   "
   Vincent Runyan,  "   "   "  27   "  17    "  07   "
   The clerk,       "   "   "   0   "   5    "   0   "
    Total disbursements: 408 pounds, 5 shillings, & 5 pence"  (Thomas Runyon of Hunterdon County; Account number 338..  (cited op. cit. (H. E. Bonham): pgs. 552-5.))
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4. Abraham Van Doren Honeyman (ed), New Jersey Archives - First Series (alt. title Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Adminstrations, Etc. Vol. III: 1751-1760), New Jersey Historical Society, Trenton, NJ, The Unionist-Gazette Assoc., Printers, Somerville, NJ, 1924: Vol. 32, pg. 277.
     Oct. 30, 1738.  "Runyon, Thomas, of Hopewell Hunterdon Co.; will of   Wife, Martha.   Children---only Vinson and Thomas spoken of by name and they with the wife, Martha, to be Executors.   Witnesses---Josiah Furman, Elizabeth Furman, Roger Woolverton.   Proved April 16, 1753."
     Mar. 20, 1753.  "Inventory, £402.2.8, incl. bills and bonds, £305.13.6; made by Wilson Hunt and Timothy Smith."
     Nov. 12, 1753.  "Account by the Executors."
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