John Runyon
  b: ~1669 - Elizabethtown, New Jersey Prov.
  d:  ~1740 - Rocky Hill Twp., Somerset Co., NJ

Father: Vincent Rongnion
Mother: Ann Boutcher

Spouse: Elizabeth Dunn
 m: 20/Jan/1692(1693) - Piscataway Twp., Middlesex Co., East Jersey Prov.

Child-1: Martha - b: 30/Jul/1693 - Piscataway Twp., Middlesex Co., East Jersey Prov.
                           m: Rev. Jonathan Martin - ~1713
                           d: 1720
          2: John, Jr. - b: 18/Nov/1695 - Piscataway Twp., Middlesex Co., East Jersey Prov.
                             m: Ann Elizabeth Freeman - ~1715
          3: Samuel - b: 14/Feb/1699(1700) - Piscataway Twp., Middlesex Co., East Jersey Prov.
                           m: Hannah *****
          4: Jonathan - b: ~1701
                             d: ~1747
          5: Vincent - b: 4/Apr/1702 - Piscataway Twp., Middlesex Co., East Jersey Prov.
                           m: Rachel Freeman
          6: Benjamin - b: 16/Jun/1704 - Piscataway Twp., Middlesex Co., NJ
                             m: Mary *****
          7: Ann or Anna - b: 21/Jun/1706 - Piscataway Twp., Middlesex Co., NJ
                                   m: John Hid or Hide - 1734
          8: Sarah - b: 1710
                         m: John Hart, Sr.
          9: Nathaniel - b: 1713/1714
        10: Hugh - b: 20/Jun/1715
                        m: Ann Savage or Savidge

Biographical Details:

The oldest son of Vincent and Ann Boutcher Rongnion is frequently identified as "John Vincent"; however, two observations may be made which generally contradict this.  First of all, middle names were only rarely used in colonal society.  Therefore, in analogy to the putative middle name "Martha" commonly ascribed to his mother, it is likely that "Vincent" also derives from conflation with some other individual.  Secondly, Vincent and Ann named their next son "Vincent".  (Indeed, conflation of these two sons may account for the confusion of names.)  In any case, John Runyon was born in Elizabethtown in the New Jersey Province about 1669.  He evidently moved with his parents to Piscataway Township and married Elizabeth Dunn in Piscataway in Middlesex County on January 20, 1692 (1693 N. S.).1,2  Ten children have been attributed to them with reasonable certainty.  Even so, by 1727, John Runyon appears to have been resident in Somerset County, New Jersey, as indicated by the will of Nathaniel Leonard made in September of that year.3  Nevertheless, it is evident that he was living  in Maidenhead Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, in 1736; however, he is obviously deceased by 1744 since the will of his brother-in-law, Sanuel Dunn, mentions his sister, "Elizabeth, widow of John Runyon".  No burial place is known; however, it is reported that he died in Rocky Hill Township in Somerset County.
Source Notes and Citations:
1.. Howard Eugene Bonham and Jean Allin, Bonham and Related Family Lines, Bonham Book(s), 5104 Bridlington Ln., Raleigh, NC, 27612, printed by Genie Plus, Bradenton, FL, 1996: pgs. 539-41.
     "John Runyon, son of Vincent & (1) wife, Ann (Boutcher) Runyon, born ca 1669 in Elizabethtown, Middlesex Co., NJ; married 20 Jan 1692/3, Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, Elizabeth Dunn, who was born 19 March 1675-6, Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ, daughter of Hugh, Sr. & Elizabeth (Drake) Dunn.  John died by 1738, Somerset Co., NJ.  Elizabeth died after 1756."
     "NOTE: Marriage of John Runyon & Elizabeth Dun/Dunn is recorded 20 Jan 1692/3 in the Piscataway, NJ Town Register, From 1668-1805, p. 5."
     "1727, Sept. 11.  The will of Nathaniel Leonard mentions'... farm in Somerset Co., now occupied by Jno. Runion, ...' [NJ Archives, Vol. XXIII, pp. 290, 291.]
     NOTE:  It has been recorded by Orra Eugene Monnette and others that Ann, the wife of Nathaniel Leonard was Ann Runyon the d/o Vincent and Ann (Boutcher) Runyon.  Various birth dates have been assumed ....  The will of Nathaniel Leonard mentions Jno. Runyon was on his [Nathaniel] Somerset Co. plantation.  From that [will] Monnette assumed Ann Leonard was Ann Runyon, and the namesake of Ann (Boutcher) Runyon.  Ann, the wife of Nathaniel Leonard of Trenton was in fact Ann Brinson.  The will of her mother identifies her as the wife of Nathaniel Leonard.  Also see the book Colonial Kinsman.  The widow Ann Leonard married (2) a Mr. Gould and raised a second family in Trenton.  [Source: Marvin Shepherd.]
     1736, December 10.  pr me [per me] John Anderson, returned to John Ruron [Runyon], Joseph Lauder records a heifer calf about 9 months oald of a redish colour with a white stip down the back marked with a hole in the left ear & a half penny the underside of the right ear.  [Vol. I of the Minutes of Lawrence (Maidenhead) Township, p. 19.]"
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2. Orra Eugene Monnette, First Settlers of ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodbridge, olde East New Jersey, 1664-1714, a period of fifty years, The Leroy Carman Press, Los Angeles, CA, 1930-35: Part 4, pg. 308.
     "John Runyon (of Vincent) b. 1669, in Elizabeth, N.J.d. before, or in 1744, Piscataway, of that date, reference is made to testator's 'sister Elizabeth, widow of John Runyon.' (ARCH., Vol.XXX, p. 156)  He m. Jan 20, 1692-3, Elizabeth Dunn b. March 19, 1675-6, d. after 1756, daughter of Hugh Dunn and Elizabeth Drake.  (As to Dunn vide PART THREE, p. 416, although the list of children as there given is not complee)  And in 1727, with reference to the estate of Nathaniel Leonard of Trenton, Hunterdon co. wife Anne, there is a statement indicating 'farm in Somerset Co. now occuiped by Jno. Runion.' (ARCH., Vol. XXIII, p. 290.)  From this, he did not remain in Piscataway, but removed westward.  By 1722, he was a settler with his brother, Thomas Runyon, near Hopewell, in fact in East Amwell, Hunterdon Co. (1724, HUNTERDON, p. 351.)  His wife, Elizabeth, long survived him, as widow, and is mentioned as a creditor of her relatie, John Drake of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co. 1750 (ARCH., Vol. XXX, p. 151)  She was certainly a member of the Hopewell Church, 1733, to 1739, (EGE, P. 128)"
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     Sep. 11, 1727.  "Leonard, Nathaniel, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will of.   Wife Anne.  Children---Samuel, Thomas, Nathaniel, Maurice, Mary, Anne, all under age; brother Thomas Leonard, cousin Christopher Leonard.  Ferry and 20 acres, home farm, farm in Somerset Co., now occupied by Jno. Runion, land bought of Henry Farnsworth, do. of Jno. Reading, farm now occupied by Jno. Reynolds, house and lot in Trenton, adjoining the Court house, bought of James Trent, part of Sybal's Plantation, bought of Thomas Wyatt with wife Syball and John Rogers with wife Martha, land in Amwell.  Personal estate (two slaves, bonds due by Henry Vroom).   Executors---brother Thomas Leonard, James Leonard and Daniel Howell, of Trenton, blacksmith.   Witnesses---Edward Fitz Randolph, Jno. Stockton, James White, Isaac Reeder, James Geary, Joseph Harden.   Proved December 9, 1727."

b. Abraham Van Doren Honeyman (ed), New Jersey Archives - First Series (alt. title Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Adminstrations, Etc. Vol. II: 1730-1750), New Jersey Historical Society, Trenton, NJ, The Unionist-Gazette Assoc., Printers, Somerville, NJ, 1913: Vol. 30, pg. 156.
     Nov. 9, 1744.  "Dunn, Samuel, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of.   Wife Hester.  Eldest son, Samuel Dunn, of Somerset Co., and his children.   Sons---Jonathan and Micayah.  Rosannah Dunn, eldest daughter of son Sam'll.  Samuel Dunn, son of son Jonathan, at 21 years.  Marcy Dunn, daughter to son Micayah.  Daughter, Hester, wife of Nehemiah Dunham.  Sister, Elizabeth, widow of John Runyon.  'My Pallantine servant man.'  130 acres in Piscataway, bought of John Barrow.  Land left me by my father.   Executors---sons Samuel and Jonathan.   Witnesses---Isaac Stelle, John Parker, Benj. Gross.   Proved Dec. 24, 1744."
     Dec. 26, 1744.  "Inventory, £2332.5.1; made by David Fitzrandolph and Joseph Blackford."
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Additional Citations:

4. Robert and Amos Runyon, Runyon Genealogy, privately published, Brownsville, TX, 1955, pg. 4.

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