Thomas Nicholl
  b: Feb-Mar/1576(1577) - bp: 3/Mar/1576(1577) - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England
  d: Feb/1631(1632) - bur: 23/Feb/1631(1632) - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England

Father: Robert Nicholl
Mother: *****

Spouse: Dorothy George - b: ~1580
   d: Nov/1631 - bur: 20/Nov/1631 - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England
  m: 10/May/1603 - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England

Child-1: Elizabeth - bp: 10/Jul/1603
          2: Helen - bp: 27/Nov/1604
          3: Jane
          4: Elizabeth - bp: 20/Oct/1607 - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England
          5: Thomas - bp: 25/Apr/1610 - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England
                              m: ***** - 13/May/1631 - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England
          6: Mary - bp: 8/May/1612
          7: Ellen - bp: 7/Dec/1614 - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England
                          d: 1668 - Branford, New Haven Co., CT
                         m: William Luddington - 7/Apr/1635 - Wrawby, Lincolnshire, England

Biographical Details:

Thomas Nicholl was baptized at Wrawby Parish in Lincolnshire, England, on March 3, 1576 (1577 N. S.) and, accordingly, was probably born nearby shortly before.1  He was the son of Robert Nicholl, but the name of his mother remains unknown.  According to parish records, he married Dorithea or Dorothy George (perhaps, Gage) on May 10, 1603.  Seven children have been attributed to them.  Of these, only three, viz., Jane, Thomas, and Ellen, appear to have still been living when Thomas made his will on February 16, 1631 (1632 N. S.).2  It would seem that he must have died within no more than a few days since he was buried exactly one week later.  Parish records indicate that Thomas Nicholl was a glover by trade and from Glamford Briggs.  This village was about two miles west of Wrawby and at present corresponds to the modern town of Brigg.  (It would seem that the name Glamford Briggs or Glandford-Bridge derives from an early bridge crossing of the Ancholme River.)
Source Notes and Citations:
1. Patricia Law Hatcher, "Research and Red Herrings: The Wives of William Luddington and Matthew Moulthrop of New Haven, Connecticut with their English Origins", The American Genealogist, Vol. 74, pgs. 81-96, 1999.
     Extract of parish records from Wrawby, Lincolnshire:
"Thomas Nycholl filius Roberti bp March 3, 1576/7.", i.e., Thomas Nicholl son of Robert, baptized 3 Mar 1576 (1577 N. S.).
"Thomas Nicall m. Dorithea George 10 May 1603."
"Thomas Nicholl of Glamford Briggs, glover, bur. 23 Feb 1631/2."
"Dorothy Nicholl wife of Thomas Nicholl bur. 20 Nov 1631."
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2. "Will dated Feb. 16, 1631/2, to apprentice Bartholomew Tenny 10s, to apprentice William Baspoole 10s, to son Thomas Nicholl 20s, to dau Jane Nicholl the lease of the house where I dwell, to dau Ellen Nicholl 40s, to uncle Thomas Good my best Cloake, to brother John Nicholl my best suit, to sister Anne Willsonn 10s.  Extrix dau Jane.  Supervisors: son Thomas and Matthew Lombard.  Witn: Tho Baxter, James Pickwell.  Pvd March 13, 1631/2"  (Lincoln Consistory Court 1631, pg. 253.  (LDS Family History Library microfilm: roll #198886, Salt Lake City, UT, 2004.))  (Susan Irish Nahas, "Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell",, 1999.)
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