Thomas Lowthroppe
  bp: 19/Jun/1536 - Cherry Burton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
  bur: 9/Oct/1606 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England

Father: Robert Lowthroppe
Mother: Ellen Aston

Spouse-1: Mrs. Elizabeth Wood Clark - bur: 29/Jul/1574 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
  m: 5/Oct/1560 - Cherry Burton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England

Child-1: Robert - b: ~1561 - Cherry Burton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
                           m: Ann Pattison - 27/Jan/1607(1608)
          2: Catherine - m: William Akett - 12/Jun/1597 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          3: Audrie - m: William? Wykam
          4: Elizabeth - m: Thomas Rowood - 19/Feb/1587(1588) - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          5: Anne - bp: 13/Feb/1568(1569) - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          6: Isabel - bp: 3/Jul/1570 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
                           m: William? Burne
          7: Martin - bp: 21/Oct/1572 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
                          bur: 12/Nov/1572 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          8: Andrew - bp: 23/Apr/1574 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England

Spouse-2: Mary Howell? or Maud ***** - bur: 6/Jan/1587(1588) - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
  m: 2/Sep/1575 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England

Child-1: Anne - bp: 29/Jul/1576 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
                          d: 8/Nov/1653 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          2: Mary - b: ~1579
                        m: John Gallant - 13/Oct/1611 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          3: Thomas - bp: 14/Oct/1582 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
                              d: ~Oct-Nov/1628 - Dengie Par., Co. Essex, England
                             m: Elizabeth *****
          4: John
          5: William - bp: 24/May/1587 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England

Spouse-3: Jane Carter
  m: 11/Nov/1588 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England

Child-1: Margaret - bp: 13/Feb/1590(1591) - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
                               m: ***** Bateman
          2: Isabel - bp: 29/Sep/1592 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          3: Lucy - bp: 4/Jan/1593(1594) - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
                         m: Ralph Cawnsby - 6/Jun/1613 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          4: Richard - bp: 12/Oct/1595 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England - d: ~Feb/1640(1641)
                             m: Dorothy Lowden - 3/Jun/1634 - York, England
          5: Mark - bp: 27/Sep/1597 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
                          d: ~Jan-Feb/1659(1660) - North Cave Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          6: Lawrence - bp: 29/Aug/1599 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
                                m: Mary Lowthropp - 4/Jun/1629 - Cherry Burton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          7: Jane - bp: 14/Mar/1600(1601) - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          8: Joseph - bp: 31/Dec/1602 - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England
          9: Bartholomew - bp: 1/Mar/1604(1605) - Etton Par., East Riding, Yorkshire, England

Biographical Details:

It is likely that Thomas Lowthroppe was the son of Robert and Ellen Aston Lowthroppe and was born in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the late spring of 1536.  He was reportedly baptized in Sheriburton (i.e., Cherry Burton) Parish, which was in Harthill Wapentake.1  It would seem likely that he spent his entire life in this locality and, concomitantly, he appears to have become a substantial landowner.  There is evidence that Thomas Lowthroppe married three times: first, to a widow, Elizabeth Clark, whose maiden name may have been "Wood"; second to either Mary or Maud, further identity unknown; and third, to Jane, whose maiden name is believed to have been "Carter".  Between these three wives, Thomas is attributed as the father of twenty-two children, of which at least nine sons and six daughters survived.  Within this context, Thomas' second wife has been plausibly identified as Mary Howell, daughter of John Howell and the sister of Elizabeth, wife of Thomas' younger brother, Lawrence.  Indeed, such intermarriages between local families have been common over much of human history.  In contrast, the basis for the identification of Thomas' wife as Mary Salte of Yoxall in Staffordshire seems to be the result of a confusion of identies between Thomas Lowthropp of Cherry Burton in Yorkshire and Thomas Lathropp of Leighe in Staffordshire.  Although, Huntington affirms the descent of the Staffordshore Lathropp family from ancestors in Yorkshire, it is clear from his summary of the children of Thomas and Mary Salte Lathropp that she could not have been the second wife of Thomas Lowthrope of Cherry Burton.2  Geographically, Staffordshire lies roughly one hundred miles southwest of the East Riding of Yorkshire and, although this is not a large distance by modern standards, in the sixteenth century it would have been substantial.  Moreover, Mr. Clifford Stott asserts that Thomas Lowthrope's second wife was neither Mary Howell nor Mary Salte, but, rather, she was named Maud; maiden name unknown.3  Accordingly, the second wife of Thomas Lowthroppe should be properly regarded as otherwise unidentified.  Huntington has stated that Thomas Lowthroppe moved to Etton about 1576; however, baptisimal records indicate that this may have actually been several years earlier.4  In any case, the villages of Etton and Cherry Burton were and are at present, separated by no more than a mile and, accordingly, this distinction may be of little real significance.  Thomas Lowthroppe died in early October of 1606 and was buried in Etton Parish.  His wife, Jane, and several children survived him.  Indeed, his wife, six sons, viz., Richard, Mark, Lawrence, Robert, Joseph, Bartholomew, and six daughters, viz., Isabel, Catherine, Audrie, Margaret, Lucy, and Jane, were mentioned in his will and were presumably living at the time of his death.  In addition, sons John and Thomas, were also living and at that time attending Cambridge University.  They received no legacies from Thomas' estate, probably because they were already being supported while in school.5  Moreover, it seems certain that an additional son, William, was also alive and, perhaps, likewise at university, since he was not mentioned in his father's will, but was mentioned thirty-two years later in the will of his older brother, Rev. Thomas Lothropp of Dengie in County Essex.
Source Notes and Citations:
1. A "wapentake" was a medieval adminstrative unit characteristic of the north and east of England, i.e., the Danelaw, approximately equivalent to the usage "hundred" in the Saxon parts of England.  Naturally, the term is of Scandinavian origin and literally meant "weapon take".   As such, it made reference to the meeting place of men under arms (presumably a hundred), who made decisions regarding local administration, tax raising, and law and order, and who by custom registered their assent (or lack thereof) by brandishing weapons.  Subsequently, wapentake came to be understood as an administrative unit associated with a fixed territory.  Of course, such antique adminstrative units gradually fell out of use and by the nineteenth century were of little significance, having been entirely superseded by modern units such as electoral districts, etc.  (unpublished notes)
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2. Elijah Baldwin Huntington, A genealogical memoir of the Lo-Lathrop family in this country: embracing the descendants, as far as known, of the Rev. John Lothropp, privately published by Julia M. Huntington, Ridgefield, CT, 1884: pgs. 8-11.
      "STAFFORDSHIRE LATHROPPS.   MICHAEL LAYTHORPE, of Staffordshire, was from the Lowthorp family of Lowthorp, and was settled in Staffordshire early in the sixteenth century.  He had died before 1560.  His pedigree is preserved in three Harleian MSS., No. 1,173, No. 1,439, and No. 6,104.  The first MSS. reports the visitation made in 1583, by Robert Glover, Somerset Heralds Marshal, to William Flower; the second reports the visitation in 1614, by Richard St. George, Esq.; and the third the visitation of 1663, reviewed in 1664 by William Dugdale.  From these sources and from the will office in London, the following pedigree has been compiled:"
      "JOHN LATHROPP, his son and heir, married Alice, daughter of Robert Lilly of Torksey, Lincoln County.  He is reported as living in Torksey 'in ye Priory neere Lincoln.'"
      "THOMAS LATHROPP de Bramshall, of Leighe (Lee), Staffordshire, married Mary, daughter of Robert Salte, of Yoxall and of Ganch, his wife, daughter of John St. Andrew, of Gotham County, of Nottingham.  The will of this Thomas is dated at Leighe, also Lee, May 21, 1614.  In it he first provides that his body is to be buried in the church of Leighe.  He makes a bequest to his wife Mary, conditioned by her marrying; to Ralphe, his third Son, a minor; to Nicholas, his eldest son; to Humphrey, his second son; to his sister, Jane Whitcomb; to his brother, Robert Lowthroppe; to his cousin, George Henshewe; to his godsons, Henry Hill and Nicholas Wright; to Parnel Sherret, mayd; to two children of Catherine Shipton; to Mr. Edward Holbeighe, Lincolnshire; to Alice Swanns, late Alice Milnchouse, 'in receipt of my part of X trees which my cosen Salte had of Lawrence Milnchouse'; to poor people of Yoxall; to John Jackson and to Francis Rate, the last two to distribute his gift to the poor of Yoxall."
      Huntington continues, listing ten children, viz.; Thomas; Robert; Nicholas, "born in 1582"; Humphrey; Ralph; Jane, "who married Francis Whitcomb of Berwick"; Samuel, "who was living in 1664."; Elizabeth; Jane (again); and Mary.
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3. Clifford L. Stott, "Lothrop and House Entries in the Parish Registers of Eastwell, Kent" , The American Genealogist, 70(4), 1995: pg. 251.
      Mr. Stott states that identification of Mary Salte as the wife of Thomas Lowthroppe and, as such, the mother of Rev. John Lothropp, was originally proposed in Gustave Anjou's work, "Lothrop Family Records in England from 1840 to 1685".  Mr. Anjou was notoriously unreliable and unscrupulous as a genealogical researcher and author.  Unfortunately, this serious error has been propagated in later genealogies of the Lothrop-Lathrop family, but has no basis in fact.
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4. op. cit. (Huntington): pgs. 17-22.
      "THOMAS, born in Cherry Burton and married (1) Elizabeth (widow) Clark, who was buried in Etton, July 29, 1574; he married (2) Mary, who was buried in Etton, Jan. 6, 1588; and (3) Jane, who after his death became the wife of -------- Coppendale.
      He removed to Etton, Harthill wapentake, East Riding, Yorkshire, about 1576, and here he died in 1606, having made his will Oct. 5, 1606, which was proved in the following January.  The several legacies specified in this will are printed in full.  It will be noticed that neither of the sons who were educated is named in the will.   WILL OF THOMAS OF CHERRY BURTON.

1. Jaine, my wieff, lease for 12 yr. for ed. of my younge children whom I give unto her with these legacies.
2. Richard my sonne, if he die, then to my some Mark, and if he be not of age XXI, my sonne to be a tutor unto him.
3. Jane my wieff and Lawrence my sonne, lease of Westwood, leas in territories of Scarbrough.
4. Robart - three kye gatts in Etton.
5. Markes, Lawrence, Joseph, and Bartholomew - moiety of lease of Etton pke or Calf pke.
6. Bartholomew, pte Freehold lande called temple wood.
7. Robart - best horse.
8. Isabel Burne, my daughtr one cowe.
9. Katherine Aket, my daughtr, one cowe.
10. Wm. Wykam, Thos. Wykam, and Jayne Wykam, children to my daughter Audrie Wykam, one cowe among them.
11. Robert - my best, bound wayne.
12. Robert, all my freehold land in So. Dalton and Walkinton.
13. Jane, Anne, Isabell, and Elizabeth Akeit, daughters of Wm. Akeit, my son-in- lawe each of them, one ewe.
14. Poore of Etton, Vj,-Viijd  (monetary bequest)
15. The rest to Jane, my wief, Richard, Lawrence, Marks, Joseph, Bartholomew, my sons, and Margaret, Luce, and Jane Lowthorp, my daughters whom I make executors.
      Witness. Thos. Cardener, Alexander Lyon, Henry Fenby.   Proved, Jan. 13, 1606-07.
Of the places named in these wills and pedigrees, all are very near to Lowthorpe, Bridlington, and Napperton being in the same wapentake; Cherry Burton, North Cave, So. Dalton, and Etton in Harthill wapentake, Walkinton in Howdenshire wapentake."
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5. "Neither Thomas nor John were mentioned in the will of their father Thomas Lathrop of Etton, co. York, probably because they received their portions in the cost of their education.  Rev. Thomas Lothrop was admitted sizar at Queen's College, Cambridge, 30 June 1601, took his bachelor's degree in 1604/1605, and his master's degree in 1608.  He was rector of Dengie in Essex 1613-1629, and died in 1629.
       The will of Thomas Lothrop of Dengie, co. Essex, clerk, dated 20 October 1628 was proved in Consistory Court in London 6 May 1629.  It mentions daughters Ann, Jane, Elizabeth and Mary, all under twenty-one years of age; wife Elizabeth; brother-in-law William Akett of Leckenfield [Leconfield], co. York; sister Mary, wife of John Gallant; brothers William Lathrop and John Lathrop, and servants."  (Evelyn Beran; database - sanford-shulsen;, 2006.)
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Additional Citations:

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