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Hastings, unknown
Hastings, John, Sr. _______
       |                            |                         |
Hastings, James, Sr.         Hastings, William         Hastings, Anne             Nelson, Jacob
       |                            |                  Hastings, John, Jr.               |
       |                            |                                                    |
       |                     Hastings, James                                             |
       |                                                                                 |
Hastings, James, Jr. _____________________________________________________________ Nelson, Jennie
Hastings, James Warren ____________________________(Potts)
       |                                                            |
       |                                                     Hastings, Margaret Eva
       |                                                     Hastings, Lillian Lucille
       |                                                     Hastings, Jacob (Jake) Warren
       |                                                     Hastings, Bessie Catherine
       |                                                     Hastings, Donald Eugene (Gene)
       |                                                     Hastings, James (Jim) Marshall
       |                                                     Hastings, Robert (Bob) William
       |                                                     Hastings, Wilma Nadine __________(Johnson)
       |                                                     Hastings, John (Johnny) Henry
       |                                                     Hastings, Cecil Lee
Hastings, Laurel Marie ______ Evans, Russell Johnson          Hastings, Dale Laverne

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