Sp 399, Communication Inquiry
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The primary objectives of this course are to help you become an informed and critical consumer of social science research related to communication, and to be able to design and conduct simple but effective research projects. You will learn to:

  • Formulate a clear research question, and identify the research question in an article
  • Design and implement a research project using a variety of methods
  • Read, evaluate, and interpret an academic or applied research report
  • Critically evaluate research methods and results
  • Understand, explain, and apply basic research concepts
  • Explain the relationship of research, theory, and knowledge with respect to human communication
  • For a complete linear syllabus (to download and print) click here.

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    Instructional Personnel  

    Dr. David Ritchie 
    NH23B; 725-3550 
    e-mail: cgrd@odin.cc.pdx.edu 
    David Ritchie's Home Page 
    WebCT version of this course 
    Office hours: See signup sheet in the Speech Communication office 
    Teaching Assistants:  
    Susan Rourke (Susi); sushiq@teleport.com

              Complete Syllabus 

              Outline of Course Topics 

              Analysing and displaying data 
                          With Excel 
                          With SPSS 


              Assignments and grading 


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